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Describe Clan War For Beginner In Clash of Clans

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This content is for describe clan war for beginners in clash of clans. The mystery of Clan Wars and their influence on your Clan’s enhancement is something and the development of your abilities to deal with the game is something else. The defending-attacking system of the game helps you move strategically and after the introduction of Clan Wars, the game became even more challenging. The truth is: You cannot improve your gaming potential if you don’t want to shake yourself and start some fighting! We have provided some fair-yet-simple information about the Clan Wars methods in this article, together with some good tips about how to work better on these wars of the Clans!

Describe Clash of Clans for Beginners!

supercell first introduced Clan Wars features in Version 6.56.1 update of the clash of clans. You already know that you must level up your village as the game proceeds. To do so, you need to have prepared your trophies or get others’ trophies. Accordingly, you won’t be able to get one! Not only if you refuse to move forward and attack other people’s villages. The point is: you need resources to build up your village and appear in front of your army. You won’t get it until you act on the game and join some Clan Wars. There are multiple Clans with which you can gain more resources. Clan wars give you the chance to enlarge your territory and rule over a better village with more strength and power. This is the philosophy of the game! Get more resources and develop gradually. Clan Wars are surely a good feature to help you boost your territory. 

How to get into Clan Wars? 

These are a special kind of battle designed to be played by at least 5 players involved. You will team up with other players to strengthen your Clans and get prepared for the real shot. To initiate a new Clan War, you need to first open the Clan War screen on the game, then click on a button called “Start War”. The next step for you is to select the proper players for Clan War. The accessibility of the War would be added to the gamers’ profiles. You can add any Clasher you want, no matter what their backgrounds are.

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How are Clan War Opponents chosen?

When you finally choose your intended players, the game will automatically search for your matching opponents. No worries! The play knows how to be fair in choosing opponents. So you’ll be paired with a rival with the same potential and strengths. It won’t take too long for the game to choose your opponent (depending on your defending-attacking potentiality). Chill friend! You can keep on playing when the game’s searching for your rival. So you need to return home and get back on the tracks of the game. As soon as the game finds your matching rival; you are good to go!

  • The process of finding a rival often won’t take more than 10 minutes. You should keep on playing the game to get completely prepared for the battle. 
  • If the game does not start or you keep getting the “Try Again” message continuously, you might have internet connection issues or you’re not authorized to start a Clan War. Make sure you have chosen more than 5 Clashers, or you are indeed the leader of the Clan or at least the co-leader. 
  • Why does the match-pairing procedure take too long? Dude this process is not as easy as it seems to be! There are many considerations to hold. First of all, your rival must have the same potentiality as your Clan, both in attacking and defending. So many multiplex algorithms should be assessed by the game. If 24 hours have passed and nothing happens, you can try searching again until you’ll finally get the right and proper rival. 

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How to attack and defend?

The philosophy of the game is the fact that if you refuse to attack; there are others to attack your Clan. You must always have a strategy in mind whenever you want to attack the opponents’ Clans. The best time to attack is the time when your opponent seems not to expect the attacking. DO NOT FORGET TO BE PREPARED TO DEFEND YOURSELF! Defending should be always your priority; because your foes will always be ready to take you down when the proper situation comes! 

Best Tips for Clan Wars beginners

  1. Choose the right player!

Some professional players believe that the way you select the players and the ones you choose to build your troops with, is the key factor that shows whether you’ll win the War or not! It’s better not to choose the players that have newly joined the game. Try to be focused on everybody’s abilities. Know every players’ off time! It’s so crucial that nobody leaves you empty-handed while playing the game. Hence, choose the people you believe they’ll stay by your side and defend the bases by their highest strength. Take it seriously and choose the best ones with the most outstanding cooperation. 

  1. If you want an easier and “more manageable” battle possible, you’d better lessen your halls and engineering bases.

 All in all, you must pay attention to the bases you want to choose to carry on the battle! DO NOT BE SELF-CENTERED ON A SERIOUS BATTLE LIKE THIS! Clan War gains the most success when the whole team cooperates with full potential. Determine the rules and strategies before the war starts. You’ll have 24 hours to be completely prepared for the main battle. So burn all the phosphors inside your brain cells! They are the most needed things here. 

  1. Do not Forget Your Clan’s Castle.

First, decide the time you want to pull your troops out. This game is the play of the right timing. Think about the way you want to eliminate your rival’s troops. Do not show your whole potential in the first place. You’ll always need troops to kill the corner buildings, so always have some troops in hand if the corner buildings try to pay back! On games like Clash Royale Leagues, theClash Royale decks would be so effective when you want to get the least damage possible from your rival. 

  1. Think before donations and design the best War layout possible. 

Make distractions for your opponents to protect yourself in the best way possible. 

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