Clan War Leagues

Clan War Leagues

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Clan War Leagues are super famous among Clash of Clans. So if you are a Clash addict, you’d probably know what these leagues are; but the question that the Clash players largely ask is “How to join Clan War Leagues?” Through this article, we’re going to introduce you to a particular yet one-of-a-kind way to join these leagues by a secure, yet authorized account.

What Are Clan War Leagues And When To Join Them?

Clan War Leagues, which we mostly call them by their summarized form: CWL, are super famous among Clashers. So if you are a Clash addict, you’d probably know what these leagues are; but the question that the Clash players largely ask is “How to join Clan War Leagues?” Through this article, we’re going to introduce you to a particular yet one-of-a-kind way to join these leagues by a secure, yet authorized account. So it’s time to join the leagues without worrying too much about not having any good or proper account.

The First Step : Have A Proper Clash Account!

Get ready for some exciting battles! But before doing so, you need to get your account ready. Hopefully, GameStores has prepared a proper path for you to get a good, secure, and trusted account that can help you join the leagues as soon as possible. These leagues are held monthly. This means you need to be prepared for the monthly announcements to join the leagues without any problem. Do you need help with joining a certain league? Let us know, so we could help you get into your favorite leagues. You won’t be able to get into these leagues without a safe account. So if you need any accounts in a certain rank, we’re here to give you a hand. there are lots of offers to Buy Game Account in GameStores

Have A Backup While Playing!

Do you need some professionals backing you up when you need any help? Clan War Leagues seem pretty tough, and the reason is the fact that they are occupied by super skilled and tough Clashers too! Are you a newbie here, yet you want to succeed in the leagues? You’ll definitely need GameStores to help you out. There’s a truth about Clan War Leagues, and that is the fact that they are unchangeable. Once you get into your team, you won’t be able to change it. But we’re here to guide you to get over these leagues successfully.

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Get Onto Your Clash Royale Decks For Some Fighting!

These Clash Royale Decks are your assets. You’ve got to defend yourself when the enemy comes. During the Clan Wars, there would definitely be some times of crisis where you need to secure yourself while gaming. These monthly evaluations will help you develop a better understanding of what you’re doing and the way you can enhance your gaming abilities or challenge them. By that means, we seriously emphasize not to skip these leagues because they are a great tool for you to grow your skills and master yourself among the best of Clashers!

How Does Clan War Leagues’ Sign-Up Period Work?

Whenever a new Clan War League is about to start, there would be some announcements about the sign-up period. Now it’s time for the Clan Leaders to form a group containing 15 players. During every new season, even the common Clan War button changes its shape into the Clan War icon. It’s a kind of notice by which you can figure the beginning of the Clan War League out. The war sizes are quite preferable. So you can choose 15×15 size or 30×30 size. This shows the number of included players while playing.

  • Notice: The sizing of your clan does not affect your position. So even if you convert your team size from 30×30 to 15×15, there won’t be any changes in your clan position.

Do you want to play clan war league and regular clan wars simultaneously?

The rules of the game make you have two clans at the same time. One would be dedicated to the regular Clan War, while the other one would be used for Clan War League. Do you need a backup plan? Try GameStores suggestions to have a totally different experience of playing Clash! GameStores recommended accounts are all pocket-friendly, you can have speedy access to your account while all your data will be securely held in your safe place; without worrying too much about losing them! Because you will always have access to your data whenever you want.

Are There Any Differences Between Regular Clan War And Clan War League?

Even though the players get the same war loot, equipment, and Clan XP, each player needs to attack once a day. This amount goes to two attacks a day for the regular Clan Wars.

What Are Clan War Leagues’ Rewards?

After winning every battle, a bonus or reward will be given to you and it would be transferred to your treasury. If you desperately need to win the rewards, you need to win the Clan Wars of the day beforehand. Whenever you get the most medals among other teams, a higher rank or position would be delivered to your league. Obviously, if a group gets the most out of it, they’ll be positioned in the highest rank among others. This normally happens to the group with the least rewards, they would regularly get the lowest position. Are you a good attacker and do you want to get the full rewards? You need to focus on your game and try to get 8 Stars or more during the battles. Getting War Stars is crucial in Clan War League because it leads you to get at least 30% of the total League Medals.

Clan War Leagues

How Can I Have A Beginner Clan War League Account?

Your Clan War League is defined as a tool of growth on this game’s platform. Even if you are a beginner, you can rely on us. A beneficial fact about the Clan War Leagues is that players can log into the Leagues based on their own level. Also, it’s so important for beginners to get to know the rules and experiences of Clan War Leagues, too. For that reason, GameStores develops a better understanding of the game and leads you to a great and perfect performance throughout the game. GameStores has also provided you with some supporting groups; that would describe clan war for the beginner in clash of clans or do expertized suggestions for your account and your future activities in Clash.

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What You Exactly Need For Battle Preparation!

Now you are set against 7 other clans and you need to prepare yourself for the final battle. As you know, you’ll have a game against other clans each day, so you need to be fully prepared and ready for the final battle. You must collect as many Stars as you can if you aim for higher ranks or want your league to be promoted.

Expertise Yourself in GameStores

These seasonal battles are developed based on your skills. To get higher ranks, you need to strengthen your clan. In GameStores we have provided you a great option to choose and Buy Clash of Clans Clan. These accounts are advanced based on various Clash ranks and help you get into your preferred leagues. Although the seasonal battle of the Clan War League is completely shaped according to similar skills, or the player would be grouped based on these skills, no one can deny that a perfectly-ranked account will be your assistant in the time of need. Do you require expertizing yourself in a special rank? We’d recommend you to join GameStores’ Clan War Leagues, use the advantages benefitted from being a part of this group and enjoy yourself.

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