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Clash of Clans Attack Strategy

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The professional Clashers always have a new Clash of Clans attack strategy stored for the needed times. As you all know, Clash of Clans could be very tricky. Imagine you’re playing in a real war! You always have a backup plan to shock your enemy! You definitely won’t get over the challenges of war without knowing what you are doing in it. Having a plan beforehand lets you know what will happen next. So you will be prepared for your rival’s acts.

 Let us work more on the benefits of having a Clash of Clans attack strategy in the upcoming parts of this article. To be honest, you cannot survive on this game without having a good Clash of Clans attack strategy. These strategies are clues to your success. That’s why you should not forget to think wisely before acting on any kind of plan. In this article, we will focus on the ways we could improve our Clash of Clans attack strategy and GameStores will help you out to pick the best strategy possible based on the level you’re playing in. So keep on reading if you want to shine in your gaming style and let anyone else remain in wanders!

Why is it critical to have a Clash of Clans attack strategy?

Frankly speaking, there are many plans or Clash of Clans attack strategies out there. To use one, you need to know which is suitable for where! It’s true that every Clasher’s favorite attacking style is different from other players. Is your lifestyle totally similar to others? Certainly not! It’s completely normal if this difference includes the life of the Clashers! Let alone the fact that every level needs a different method of attacking, every strategy suits different tastes. That’s why we can find many strategies out there. But the most important factor is that the huge number of strategies is not important at all! The important element is the fact that for which level, situation, or attack we’re going to use these strategies. There are famous and even less likely famous strategies in the world of Clash of Clans. But before going to work on the different kinds of strategies, we will work on the purpose of having a good Clash of Clans attack strategy in our pocket. Ready?

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These reasons make you think twice about your Clash of Clans strategy!

  1. The first reason to have a different Clash of Clans attack strategy in every attack is that the game and troops change over the course of time. Normally, an idea that works on Town Hall 9 won’t be suitable for the 10th Town Hall. It might even make you lose the game with the worst condition possible if you just repeat a certain type of strategy. 
  2. When you use a repetitive kind of Clash of Clans attack strategy, it might get too familiar for other Clashers over time. It’s a disaster if your foe knows your next step. You won’t want to be defeated and lose all of the achievements you have gotten so far. So instead of leaning on a certain type of strategy, study the situation, then choose the best Clash of Clans attack strategy that conforms to the situation better. 
  3. Remember our first-grade math problems? Our world’s hardest problem would be limited to 2-2 or 1+4! As years went on, we faced new challenges with harder math problems! Could you use your first-grade methods of math solving on your complicated third-grade of high school math? Definitely not! You need to show a more advanced, professional method in math solving! The same goes with Clash of Clans strategies. As you proceed to a higher level, you must show the expert side of yours by going through harder, more sophisticated strategies.

Clash of Clans Attack Strategy

The Clash of Clans strategies and where to use them!

Now it’s time to analyze different Clash of Clans attack strategies. 

  1. Let’s start with Witch Slap! This Clash of Clans attack strategy works in different Town Halls. But the only thing you need to remember is that you might need to change the grouping methods based on the battle you’re participating in. You can utilize the spells and witches, especially in multiplayer battles or even the Clan Wars. The number of witches in your composition depends on the level of your Town Hall. You can team up the witches with healers and other heroes to strengthen your defense and empower your attacks. 
  2. Lavaloon, a Clash of Clans attack strategy you must not forget to use! This technique also works on both Clan Wars and in multiplayer gaming. The composition would need Balloons or other forces like Spells. As an example, we could point out poison spells, Lightning spells, or even freezing spells. You might also need other fighters like Baby dragons or even the Archers. You’d definitely need Lava Hounds in your attacking design. With this strategy, you would certainly nail the game! Not to mention that this method is suitable for various Town Hall levels. But you might need to consider changing your composition over time. For example, you surely need to add other forces like Minions, too. 
  3. Mass Dragons, a must-use Clash of Clans attack strategy. This strategy totally enriches your air forces. So, if you need to test air attacks, you won’t regret trying this one out! Before using this strategy, note the fact that your foe needs to have a lower air defense. That way you could bring the worst destruction to your enemy. 

This Clash of Clans strategy might also work for you!

  1. DragLoon: This Clash of Clans attack strategy mostly works on lower Town Halls. As the name suggests, both dragons and Balloons work well in this strategy. Hence, complete this composition with other elements like Spells. This strategy enriches your air force and brings good damage to your rival. Some experts believe that you can use this design on levels higher than Town Hall 11. But the composition would be different based on the battle you’re fighting in. 
  2. Mass Hogs: As the name represents, you would need hogs and heroes to attack your enemy’s defenses. You would certainly need hog riders in this design. So team up these hogs with spells and archers. 
  3. GoWipe: Just a look at the name shows that this Clash of Clans attack strategy consists of Golems teamed with Wizards and P.E.K.K.A! Although this composition has been widely used through the course of time, it’s still loved by many Clashers. This strategy really works, especially when you complete this group by using various Spells and Hogs. The damage resulting from this attacking strategy would suffice to destroy the enemy’s Castle. 

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