Clash of Clans Internet usage rate

Clash of Clans Internet usage rate

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Clash of Clans Internet usage rate is one of the things that makes gamers worried about the game’s data consumption. Based on the fact that the game totally relies on data connection, whenever you load your game or make some changes, a portion of your data would be consumed. Hopefully, most smartphones can show you the monthly calculations of the game’s data consumption. This way will show you your Clash of Clans Internet usage rate based on your overall data amount.

Due to the reason that many Clashers have the same question, we have provided this post considering the Clash of Clans Internet usage rate. So if this is the same question lingering in your mind, you would not want to lose this post. Don’t worry! There won’t be any hard math calculations that are even harder than Clash challenges! Don’t forget that Clash of Clans includes so many different features such as different troops, your village, and even your attacking system. So it’s quite logical that the game takes a part of your data usage to itself. Hence, if you spend more than 1 hour a day playing Clash, you need to face a higher daily data consumption.

Can we play Clash of Clans offline?

To reduce the Clash of Clans Internet usage rate, many Clashers ask the same question. Is it really possible to play Clash of Clans offline? Unfortunately, Clash of Clans is totally online. So you need to have a stable internet connection for the game to proceed. It’s not possible to play this game offline. While playing you need to handle various things simultaneously. Let us not forget the fact that Clash of Clans is the game of battles. Hence, it needs to update itself in every passing second.

If you wonder if the Clash of Clans Internet usage rate could be reduced or not, there’s hope for you! You can block the game from using your mobile data: by choosing “Wi-Fi only” and limiting the amount of your data usage rate. If you cannot do so, the only remaining way is to limit your playing hours, and only play at certain hours of a day! Playing Clash of Clans offline would result in losing the battle or losing the connection to your clan in the middle of the game. Consequently, if you do any certain job in enhancing your troops or your village, your whole data would be lost whenever you get back on the internet.

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How is the Clash of Clans’ Internet usage rate calculated?

Clash of Clans Internet usage rate depends on what materials you’re loading on your game. As an example, whenever you load your village, you would lose around 3 megabytes of your data. The consequences are different if you try to attack raids. By every attack, you would lose around 0.500 megabytes. Although these amounts might seem too little and not-even-worthy-to-pay-attention-to, it’s interesting to know that these numbers are gathered and combined. So the resulting number might be much higher depending on your level or even the hours you spend playing the game.

Studies on the matter of Clash of Clans Internet usage rate have shown an interesting result regarding this issue. An average Clasher would spend around 20 megabytes on every hour spent on playing this game. These studies have also proved that the most required bandwidth of the game happens at the time of purchasing gems or trying to connect to various Clans around the world. So whenever you’re searching for a special clan on your Clash of Clans app, the most bandwidth would be needed.

There are other studies regarding the Clash of Clans Internet usage rate. These studies showed that internet usage might be different on various devices. But the average consumed data would stay around 15 MB. A number under the average internet usage rates of other online games. Even if you load multiple features, the game won’t take more than 25 MB per hour. So if you play Clash of Clans for 1 hour a day, you don’t need to worry about your internet usage rate. Because the highest amount would be around 400 MB, which is quite a fair number.

Clash of Clans Internet usage rate

Does our gaming style affect Clash of Clans’ Internet usage rate?

Yes! Your Clash of Clans Internet usage rate totally depends on your gaming style. By every attack, you would lose around 200 KB up to 2 MB. Considering your gaming style and daily playtime, you can simply calculate your needed gaming data.

 To make it easy, we have provided you with a simple guideline about Clash of Clans Internet usage rate. The average Clashers who play Clash of Clans for an hour per day will lose around 15 MB per day. This number reaches 105 MB if you continue playing 1 hour per day and for a week. But let us take a look at the monthly data usage.

Let’s go for 2 hours per day! Obviously, your Clash of Clans Internet usage rate will be around 30 MB. This number would rise to 210 MB in a week and finally, your data usage will reach 450 MB in a month. If you go for 3 hours a day, your Clash of Clans data usage will be set at 45 MB per day. But this number would change to 315 MB per week and 1.31 GB in a month! What about playing Clash of Clans 6 hours a day? You’ll approximately use around 100 MB a day, 630-650 MB in a week, and finally around 2.63 GB per month!

How is the Clash of Clans Internet usage rate?

As we said earlier, when we compare Clash of Clans to other online games, we could see that Internet usage is much less on this platform. Although in some points, Clash of Clans or even Clash Royale produces better qualities and gameplays. An outstanding part of this game is that it doesn’t need too much Internet data to run. But let us not forget that special enforcements like Clash Royale decks consume more Internet data. So if you attack and defend more, you’ll definitely require more of your Internet data.

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Where to buy Clash of Clans accounts?

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All in all, your Clash of Clans Internet usage rate totally relies on the way and amount you play the game. If you spend many hours playing the game, you would expect the game to consume a large amount of your Internet data. Also, don’t forget the fact that playing Clash of Clans via Wi-Fi would face more bandwidth limits. It’s completely your choice to rely on your data or Wi-Fi.

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