Clash of Clans Tutorial

Clash of Clans Tutorial

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An online game developed by Supercell that visualizes a virtual village for you to defend and develop. This Clash of Clans tutorial focuses on the features appearing in this game. You might know that Clash of Clans is totally online, and in order to play it, you need to have a fair internet connection with a proper ping. Obviously, if you have a poor connection, the game would proceed slower. Just like any other online game, a portion of your data would be lost after playing Clash of Clans for an amount of time.

Before going to delve into this Clash of Clans tutorial, you might like to consider looking at other Game Stores’ articles regarding Clash of Clans data consumption. Hopefully, Clash of Clans won’t take large amounts of your data connection without you playing for many days. So if you have limitations in your data, you’d better not play Clash for many continuous hours.

In this Clash of Clans tutorial, we will get to know Clash of Clans better. You would be familiarized with professional concepts commonly used in this game. So, try not to lose other parts of this post. Especially if you have the dream of becoming an expert Clash player (Mostly called a Clasher).

How to play Clash of Clans?

The first part of our Clash of Clans tutorial goes to highlighting the game’s features and gameplay. In Clash of Clans, you’d be given a village to care about. This village is all you need to defend and develop. So you’re required to gain more achievements in order to improve the conditions in your village. But how to progress and develop our villages? The key point with which you can expand your territory is “attacking other territories” You need to attack other villages and take their resources. Then use these resources to evolve your village. Also, there are many characters, higher features, and more powerful resources held locked for you to unlock them. Absolutely, you need to succeed in the challenges Clash puts before you to be able to unlock these features. So you cannot run away from the challenges and battles.

Additionally, you’re required to be always ready and prepared for other Clans to attack yours. Just like the world we’re living in, Clash also has some currencies with which you can purchase various things. These four currencies consist of Gold, Gems, Elixir, and Dark Elixirs. The Dark Elixir is specialized for higher levels. So your main focus should be set on gaining more currencies, as well as developing/defending your territory. Developing your village helps you improve your defending abilities, so you would be much more prepared for the times other Clans join you in the battles.

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Clash of Clans tutorial: What are Clash of Clans characters?

 In this part of our Clash of Clans tutorial, we’re going to take a look at the characters that appear in this game. Without knowing the characters and features, you won’t stand a chance, especially when the enemy attacks and you want to use these characters to defend yourself or fight back. So knowing the characters is a critical part that allows you to act better in your field.

* Clash of Clans buildings: There are multiple mines in this game that help you get enough resources. These buildings include the Gold mines that produce Gold while playing. There are also Gold storages that help you keep the Gold somewhere safe. The produced Gold will help you rise up your defending buildings. You could especially use them to improve your Town Hall. What about the Elixir? Elixir will be necessary when you need to upgrade some important buildings on your territory. As an example, you could use Elixir to enhance your troops and process a better attacking system.

Clash of Clans Tutorial

A Clash of Clans guide you might find handy!

If you’re curious about dark Elixir, you might be happy to know it would be available when you proceed to Town Hall 7. Dark Elixir will spice everything up. By using these resources, you can engage new heroes, tools, and troops; such as Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and so on.

A must-say fact in our Clash of Clans tutorial depends on the various achievements enabled based on your Town Hall’s progression. As you proceed to higher Town Halls, new features would be available for you. As an example, we could point out Royal Champion, Giga Tesla, and even Pet House!

What are Clans and what is the definition of Clan wars!

This part of the Clash of Clans tutorial is dedicated to the clans! You might have encountered varied Clashers who team up to attack other villages and territories, right? When a group of Clashers joins the territories, a type of unity is formed. This unity is called “A Clan”. These clans share multiple resources and troops to develop their gaming style and powers. The game grants every Clan a day to prepare themselves for the actual war. This day is called “preparation day” and has a critical influence on the battles’ results. There are many Clan War events held in Clash of Clans. There are also monthly Clan Leagues that speed up your possibility of growth. So, your presence in battles and wars is inevitable. This game has been formed to be played in battle-fields. So you cannot emerge yourself only in the building. You need to practice the art of attacking and destroying, too!

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In the ending parts of GameStores Clash of Clans tutorial, let us mention some tips you would find helpful while playing. This game might take several years. The only way for you to speed up the game is to participate in Clan Wars, Clan War Leagues, or other battles held in this game. Keep this in mind: you must not carelessly donate your resources and troops without thinking wisely about it! You need to be active in the game to get the best outcome. So, don’t forget the fact that you should not spend your precious gems on everything! If you are in a hurry, you can always refer to GameStores to Buy Clash of Clans Account. You can also find good recommendations whenever you need to Buy Game Account. GameStores also presents flawless Clash Royale decks that you might find interesting, so make sure to take a look at GameStores suggestions.

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