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Clash of Clans Update Tutorial

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Here’s GameStores and you’re reading another detailed tutorial about how to deal with Clash of Clans Update! Clash of Clans has been around for almost a decade! Wow, it’s really been a decade. Time is a real roadrunner and passes in a blink of an eye while saying “Beep, Beep!’ Today, we are going to delve into the action-yet-exciting world of this dashing game: Clash of Clans update tutorial. So if you need a hand in updating your Clash or you seem not to get acquainted with this app properly, we’re here for you. Don’t feel stayed-behind! It is totally OK if you don’t know how to update your game, especially when you’re a newcomer. Take a good look at the other parts of this post. You may find your answer soon after. Also, you might have this same question in your mind: Is it really necessary to update my Clash of Clans app? There comes some times that you cannot follow the track of Clash’s new versions. There are also some other Clashers who don’t know which version they are playing with. Keep on reading. You might find something interesting regarding whether or not we should play clash of clans update version!

Should I update my Clash of Clans app regularly?

Yes! Although many Clashers might think it’s unnecessary to be aware of the exact time of each clash of clans update or be too obsessed with it, many other Clashers believe that it’s a vital and essential part of any gamers to update the app by the time any new clash of clans update releases. So in this part of the Clash of Clans update tutorial, we’re going to have a quick glance over the fact that we should update the app or not! Let’s face the first group’s reasoning. The most frequent reason held by the first group was the fact that any newly-released app contains some bugs that might harm the gaming procedure. According to their logic, we must hold on for a while for the newly-released update to be tested completely, then it’s time to update the app and get the new version with “fewer bugs” possible. The latter show up on the other side of the roof. They believe that regular updating of your Clash of Clans app helps Supercell to identify the potential problems of the game and solve them at a quicker pace. Another reason is that regular updating of the program helps you match yourself with the new features and be benefitted from the vast new features introduced in newly-launched versions.

Due to the reason that many game developers try to put so many new advancements or features in each new version, we must not lose track of new updates. Supercell has put so much effort into developing the game on time, so you could enjoy the better quality as well as a better pace on the trail of the game. In addition, many of the older versions of the game face various types of security problems over time. So in order to enhance the game’s security, every gaming studio and company put new security facets to develop the safety of the game. So on-time updating of the game would erase the need of worrying over security problems because the company has analyzed the app from different aspects and it’s ready to give you a better shot. Besides, we should not forget the fact that there are multiple functional or technical issues in each patch, making the game harder to proceed with. In every new update, Supercell would work on the game and spot the weak points on every field. Hence, if you want a better experience in playing the game, you won’t want to miss updating your Clash of Clans app to the latest version. But the main question is: How to Play clash of clans update? Here’s the Clash of Clans update tutorial you would not want to lose!

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How to update the Clash of Clans app?

Hopefully, Supercell has improved Clash of Clans in a way that if a new update comes on the way, it will be shown in the form of a notification. Although many gamers have shown some dissatisfaction regarding these notifications, the majority of the Clashers seem fine and accustomed to the Clash notifying them about the new updates’ news. Fortunately or not, this notification would not disappear until you shake your fingers a little bit and download the new patch. Don’t get too enthusiastic about it. There are still many Clashers who don’t have any idea about Clash of Clans update method. It’s OK my friend! We are here for a reason, right?

Let’s chill and go to the next part, in which you will learn how to update your Clash of Clans accounts.

Clash of Clans Update

– Clash of Clans update and how to install them!

There are several ways with which you can access the new version and update it. Additionally, Clash of Clans is supported on both iOS and Android. The main home of this strategic game has been set on both these platforms. So we will work on both of them, as well as the way to get the latest Clash of Clans update on the internet. 

  1. How to update Clash of Clans on Android?

If you cannot update the app via auto-notification, you can simply go to Google Play Store and type “Clash of Clans” on the search bar.

Now give the app some seconds to find Clash of Clans. Then you just need to click on the “Update” button. Wait for the downloading process to be done successfully, then you can open the game and get back on the horse again!

  1. Clash of Clans update tutorial on iOS!

Although the user interface is quite different on both Android and iOS, the process of updating the Clash app is slightly the same. First, you need to find the latest Clash of Clans version on the App Store by searching for the app. You can purely continue playing Clash from where you left off if you have connected your account to your iOS Game Center.

  1. How to update Clash of Clans on the web?

If you cannot rely on the App Store or Google play at the moment, you just need to search Clash of Clans’ latest update on the web and download the APK file. Now you just need to install the new Clash and enjoy gaming!

I have issues in updating Clash; What to do?

Stay calm! If you are in an urgent gaming situation and you face some problems in getting the newest Clash version, you just need to focus on following these steps.

– Try deleting some of your device’s unnecessary data. Sometimes the new version cannot be downloaded because your device is totally full, and doesn’t have enough space for the new Clash app.

– Make sure you have a good internet connection.

– The app is downloaded, but it’s not working. There are several reasons that result in such an occasion. First, does your device support the required conditions for the new version? Many old devices have trouble getting along with the new-baked features and graphics. Or maybe the patch is broken and you need to download the healthy version!

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Is there any place to buy Clash of Clans accounts?

Yes! Fortunately, GameStores has provided a safe platform for all Clashers to Buy Game Account and Buy Clash of Clans Account. You won’t be alone as long as you have GameStores by your side. Other than this Clash of Clans update tutorial, we will guide you on arming your Clash Royale decks to run over your territory and protect it!

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