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How to check clash royale account profile stats?

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According to Gamestores a player’s information, player and tournament statistics, battle deck, and experience level are all displayed on the player profile. It is reachable from the Battle tab’s top. From the Friends list or the Clan information screen, you may access other players’ profiles. Note that you can Buy Game Account from some special sites or channels so you can Buy Clash Royale Account as well. Now we want to take a look at Clash Royale Stats in this article of GameStores, so join us!

A player’s profile

The player’s general information is included at the top of the Player Profile. This comprises:

  • User Name
  • User Tag
  • Clan members’ status (Leader, Co-Leader, Elder or Member)
  • Trophy totals
  • League or Arena Level (if the player is in a League, the League is shown instead of the Arena)
  • Clan Awards

There will be a Clan button at the bottom of the section if the player is a member of a Clan. The viewer will be sent to the player’s Clan page by tapping it. An Elder, Co-Leader, or Leader from another clan will see an option to invite the player instead of the “Clan” button if the player is eligible for a clan (i.e., completed the Tutorial) but is not currently in one.


One can obtain cosmetic badges that are publicly shown on their profile by achieving particular goals or milestones, which serve as a reminder of the accomplishment. In terms of badges, there are:

  • Reach 1,000 victories in combat
  • Win 12 games in a row in a classic challenge.
  • Win 12 matches in a Grand Challenge.
  • 100 times, winning 12 games in a Classic Challenge.
  • 100 times complete a Grand Challenge with 12 victories.
  • Donate 1,000 times to a clan.
  • reach a numbered-year account age (1-6)

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Figures Royale

Not to be confused with the webpage for Stats Royale. The player’s statistics are displayed in the Stats Royale section:

  • Wins
  • wins three crowns
  • Highest Awards
  • Right now’s favorite card (the one played most often)
  • Cards located (out of the total number of cards)
  • Total Amount Done

Data on Clan Wars

Statistics on the player’s Clan War involvement are displayed in the Clan War Stats section.

  • War Day triumphs
  • Clan Cards were gathered

Stats for challenges

Information regarding the player’s Challenge activities is displayed in the Challenge Stats section.

  • The most victories
  • Cards gained

Competition stats

The section titled Tournament Stats displays information regarding a player’s participation in tournaments.

  • play tournaments
  • won competitions

clash royale account profile stats

Combat Deck

The cards and their levels from the player’s most recent Battle Deck are listed in the Battle Deck section. The stats of a card may be seen by tapping on it. Under the Battle Deck, you can see the average elixir cost of the deck.

  • The player’s Battle Deck can be copied into one of your deck slots if you have all 8 of the cards in it.
  • A pop-up that appears if you don’t have all 8 cards will indicate how many you are lacking.
  • Anyone without at least eight cards in their deck cannot have their deck copied (i.e. in Training Camp).


  • On April 1, 2016, Clash Royale’s soft launch included the addition of the Player Profile.
  • The Player Profile now displays the last Combat Deck that was used in any battle thanks to the Tournaments Update that went live on April 7, 2016.
  • The June 2017 Update, which went live on 12/6/2017, permitted victories in Victory Challenges to count toward victories in the Player Profile.
  • The December 2018 Update, which went live on 5/12/2018, gave the Player Profile badges and the ability for players to duplicate a player’s tag by touching on it.
  • In the same update, Legend Trophies were also deleted from users’ profiles; however, as compensation, players who owned them got Gold and a special Royal Ghost emote.
  • An optional update on 12/12/2018 adds the King level to the player profile.

Describe Stats Royale

You may play the smartphone game Clash Royale and win more often by using the Stats Royale app.

It offers the most precise data and information you could possibly need for your game. You may now enjoy this wonderful software on both iOS and Android thanks to the official mobile app that was once just a fantastic website.

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What is Stats Royale good for?

  • View your individual statistics, such as awards and win/loss records.
  • View the forthcoming chests.
  • Check out your trophy development
  • View the results of your most recent matches.
  • View the past results of previous matches to steal their effective decks.
  • View the top players (top clans and decks will be available shortly!)
  • Use any player’s tag to find them.
  • As long as you often reload your profile, you may view your win percentages for any deck you’ve ever played in every game style.
  • The new deck sharing feature allows you to copy decks directly into Clash Royale in-game!
  • Coming soon: more features!

How do I begin?

  1. Download Stats Royale on iOS and Android now (for free)!
  2. Launch Clash Royale, then take note of your game tag (available in your profile)
  3. Launch Stats Royale, paste the tag, choose “Show Profile,” and then go crush some people!

If we were to explain to you how to perceive, in plain language, The following guidelines apply to your Stats Royal account:

First, you go to your profile and copy your tag. Next, you search for “stats royal” on Google, click on that result, and paste the code, making sure to paste it on players.

You may edit your profile by clicking down and selecting “players” or “claims,” but if you haven’t done so before, it probably won’t be changed. Then, when you visit this page, you can view your greatest trophy totals and where you stand in terms of your overall wins. your whole loss your three crown generates contributions.

when you first opened an account:

  • If you have been participating in clan wars, it will be seen here.
  • veteran
  • revealed challenge statistics
  • tournament statistics for the previous year
  • greatest year
  • league’s overall league champion
  • then it will also display the Upcoming chess is below.

I’ve discovered that, while it occasionally errs by one, two, or even three chests, it’s normally rather accurate. If you go up, you can view your combat logs by clicking battles, and as you can see, Sue frequently defeats me with expo.

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