Clash Royale Decks

Clash Royale Decks

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Decks are the inseparable parts of Clash Royale‘s gameplay, a popular game that has set the whole Clashers’ community on fire! Every day too many different types of Clash Royale decks are used while playing the game. The fact is you need to have a higher and better card to be able to beat your opponents. Whether you are new to this game or you have enough skills in dealing with the game process, you’re going to need this tutorial to beat your rivals. So don’t leave us up to the end of this article to see what GameStores has got for you to enrich your gaming abilities!

What is the Clash Royale deck and where is it used for? 

Clash Royale Decks is one strategic game in which you need to devote all of your mind, time, and thoughts to get the best result out of it. There are various kinds of strategies and tactics held for you to beat up your foes, but undeniably the most important part of this game is to build your Clash Royale decks. Decks are an essential part of the game that give you the power of attacking certain parts of your enemy’s properties or let you defend your territory in front of all the armies of your opponent. You need to have a deck powerful enough to enable you to act on the attacking-defending system of this game. Also, each deck consists of various cards. Having a better card guarantees your win, and assures you that you have the upper hand in your battle. Additionally, you need to level up in order to have better cards in your Clash Royale decks. So everything in this game refers to your strategies, your mind-blowing gaming ideas, and your skills in handling your elixirs and cards. So to arm your Clash Royale decks against the forces of the enemy, we have provided some beneficial tips that will be helpful when you need them.

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How to build strong deck cards?  

Many cards reassure you about winning in your battles. Among them we could point at Three Musketeers, Balloon, Electro and Royal Giants, Hog and Ram Riders, Graveyard, and Golem. To build a good and strong Clash Royale Decks, you need to have information about each of the win condition cards. You must not fill your deck with attacking cards, because you will surely need to defend yourself and have some spells inside your sleeve. The combination of the supporting units (spells are not among the supporting units), together with the spells and win condition cards, will determine your win or failure. So keep a keen eye on the chosen cards before getting into any battles. The number of each card depends on your gaming tactics. Although we will cover some of the most famous deck cards among the Clashers, choosing the best deck cards depends on your gaming style. So you need to know the cards, their preferred couples, and the best way to team up your cards before any battle starts.

Clash Royale Decks

Different cards and their functionality

  • The Hog Rider: Most of the time, Hog Rider is coupled with the Royal Giant to get the best out of the battle. The hog will give you the chance to give your opponent a good, serious lesson. They are mostly used in ground troops. Let us not forget their brilliant ability to jump over the rival’s walls and their presence will assure you about the strength of your defense. The truth is when they are used as a team, they can leave serious damage in your rival’s territory. But never forget to have some of them guarding your own walls. 
  • Royal Rider: Have you ever been stuck in the game due to the Mortars’ combat? You’d better get used to your Royal Giants. These big buddies will help you out and distract Mortars. They are also useful when you need to block your enemy’s buildings, and you need some handy forces to face both Mortars and X-Bows. Their keen usage of blind spots helps them get over the Mortars and X-Bows with less effort. Many Clashers suggest teaming up Royal Giants with the Hog Riders. Both these cards are used as win condition cards, so depending on your gaming style, you could make use of them.
  • Ram Rider: The Ram Riders’ card is available by the time you reach Arena 10. As the name suggests, the Ram Rider consists of a ram that’s ridden by a woman. The ram will help you break your enemy’s walls down, while the woman could beat up your foe’s troops easily. 
  •  Hog Rider or Ram Rider? It depends on your gaming style. But Hog Rider will guarantee a much cleaner fight and costs fewer elixirs than Ram Rider.  
  • Electro Giant: This one is unlocked by the time you reach Arena 11. These cards will help you when a single disordered troop of the enemy surprises you. Although the damage caused by Electro Giant might not be that serious, whenever the enemies attack Electro Giant, they will be shocked by Electro’s hitting power. 
  • Balloon: Another win condition card that leaves astonishing high damage on your enemy’s buildings and troops. If you want to have a very powerful win condition card, consider having the Balloon among your Clash Royale Decks. 
  • X-Bow: This one is unlocked when you reach Arena 6 and needs 3 elixirs to be added to your Clash Royale Decks. These bows are a key part of your defensive strategy. They are the best tools to hold the enemy out of your territory. They are among fast responsive forces and their impact range goes from middle to the highest levels. 
  • Mega Knight Golem: The golden champion of erasing the air troops! Together with other troops like Archers or even the Wizards, they make a great team defending you against the opponent’s air troops. Let us mention the fact that their damage is not that high compared to some of the enemy’s forces like Skarmy or Ice Golem cards. 
  • Three Musketeers: A strong force that will eradicate your enemies fast and furiously! You can rely on them as a key part of your defensive troop. Also, you can use them to heighten the security of your tanks. 
  • Graveyard: These valuable decks are really handy when you don’t want to rely on your Riders or Miners. Graveyard cards are also among win condition cards.

Additionally, many professional gamers believe that 2 win condition cards are enough when you plan to build your Clash Royale decks yourself. The rest must be filled with Spells and supporting units that enrich both your attacking and defending skills.

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