describe town hall 14 to 7

Describe Town Hall 14 to 7

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Town Hall 14

Clash of Clans TH14 is a smartphone game that is displayed on the trade community’s map. Clash of Clans TH14 has unique characteristics that entice many people to play it and encourage them to be consistent players of this game as well as level their own CoC accounts.

However, new players may have some difficulties when playing this game because the majority of other players have been playing it for a long time and have a well-established base, as well as a lot of resources and are members of powerful clans.

However, this fact does not have a complete influence on new players because there is a matchmaking mechanism in place that prevents players with higher account levels from targeting newer players with lower account levels. Furthermore, there are numerous accounts that have been operational for a long time and are really useful.

Of sure, the new players will eventually catch up to the gamers who currently have better and more established accounts, but it will take a long time. Fortunately, if you want to reach out to senior players with stronger accounts in Clash of Clans TH14, there are certain professional players that sell their well-developed th14 coc accounts on the internet, which you can purchase online. Many websites offer Clash of Clans with th14 accounts for sale.

You may reach the professional players in Clash of Clans TH14 without much work or spending a long time if you buy coc account th14. But you need to be careful when you want to acquire the th14 clash of clans account because there may be some fraudulent online sites They can steal both your money and your personal information on internet fraud sites. You should buy town hall 14 coc from reputable, reliable, and safe websites.

How is the Clash of Clans TH14 update going?

The cost of upgrading Clash of Clans town hall 14 to the 14th level is 2,000,000 gold coins and takes 8 days. According to the aesthetic aspect of Clash of Clans TH14, the ceiling of the town hall will morph into the entire tower, and a little red flag will be at the building’s entrance.

The players will receive 8 new buildings, including the Dark Elixir Drill, Gold Storage, Elixir Storage, Dark Barracks, Archer Tower, Mortar, Air Defense, Wizard Tower, and Hidden Tesla. The players can additionally construct an additional 50 Wall units, 2 Spring Traps, a Giant Bomb, 2 Air Bombs, and a Seeking Air Mine. As you can see, there are no new buildings. Players will be able to use P.E.K.K.A. and Golems after upgrading the Barracks.

The Town Hall walls in Clash of Clans TH14 will grow more expensive on level 14, and if you want to completely update the walls, soldiers, and structures, you will need to stay at this level for more than 4 months.

Town Hall Level 14 gaming is fantastic since players may have P.E.K.K.A. in a totally updated Barrack. Players may also level up Hog Rider to level 4. Players should strive to prepare their offensive strategy and tactics now that virtually all of the soldiers are accessible.

Town Hall is one of the Best TH14 Base Designs that is properly secured in the middle of the base because Town Hall should be safe and secure since it may contain some loot. This base contains a lot of compartments in Clash of Clans TH14, and they’re all over the place, which helps us slow down our opponents’ soldiers.

As a result, it may fail the timer and force the opponent to run out of soldiers. The opposing soldiers, such as giants and golems, are generally stranded on the walls. Concerning the defensive base, we should note that it is quite difficult to create a base that is balanced from all sides at Town Hall 14 due to the odd number of defense buildings. As a result, the players must decide where to position the structures such that no side is vulnerable to specific sorts of attacks.

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Why is it necessary for players to buy town hall 14 of Clash of Clans?

To buy town hall 14 in Clash of Clans is a fantastic alternative for quick wins. However, for those who want early advancement and wish to participate in this massive competition, there are two options:

  1. The first option is to purchase diamonds.
  2. The second option is to purchase a clash of clans accounts secure.

Given that many years have gone since the publication of the initial edition of Clash of Clans, the game now has millions of users worldwide, many of whom are at very high levels; thus, competing with those who have been playing this game for years and developing a strong foundation is quite challenging. It takes about 2.5 to 3 years to reach the upper tubes. Many gamers get dissatisfied with the game after only 1-2 months and quit.

They will, however, obtain greater outcomes if they pick Clash of Clans accounts for sale cheap.

Players can shorten their progress time by purchasing and using diamonds, but the cost of purchasing diamonds is generally much higher than the cost of selecting a Clash of Clans account; on the other hand, the buyer of diamonds must spend a significant amount of time and energy identifying the best strategies and cost-effective ways to spend their diamonds, because there are so many ways to use diamonds that identifying the right method requires extensive research. A Google search determines the complexity of this problem.

Town Hall 13 Max Levels List; Buy Town Hall 13 (2022) New Heroes, Strongest Defenses, Troops, and the Fastest Time

With the December 2019 winter upgrade, buying Town Hall 13 will help you upgrade onto new levels because max levels are introduced. Many fans were taken aback since Supercell had kept the news of the new town hall in clash of clans under wraps. Every clasher hailed Supercell’s latest town hall level 13 as a Christmas present.

Not only was the town hall upgraded, but several defences, army, and resource structures were also upgraded. In addition, various new buildings have been introduced to Clash of Clans TH13.

How to install hacked clash of clans?

COC has acquired a lot of popularity in recent years, and many have grown to love the game. There is no disputing that its popularity has raised the demand for COC accounts with more XPs dramatically.

Gamestores is the place to go if you want to look at some fantastic offers to assist you buy a nice Clash of Clans account to get started. Get a variety of items at low costs, including ideas, reviews, and accounts. Simply select the account you want from the list and enjoy your gaming experiences.

A Clash of Clans Hack is any tool, software, modification, technique, or way of gaining unfair benefits and cheating in COC on both Android and iOS. – While there are several ways to hack the game without requiring root or jailbreak, hacks and generators for infinite free Gems (crystals), Elixir, Dark Elixir, free Gold (money/ coins), and other Resources or free Builders do not exist for CoC and are always false.

There are numerous more and less advanced and widespread ways of game hacking used in CoC on both Android and iOS: App modding is used to modify the APK and iOS game app files themselves to gain advantages; memory editors are used to modify game data and memory to implement cheats; bots and automation software are used to farm the game for unlimited free resources, gems, and other desirables; and more rare cheating methods, such as exploits and glitches, can be used on rare occasions to make impossible cheats, such as unlimited games, possible for a limited time.

Because CoC is a very server-side processing heavy game at this moment, and any legitimate game modifying approach is client-sided, generators and online tools are always bogus.

Town Hall 13, gets new structures!

The debut of a new hero – Royal Champion – is the major reason why everyone wants to buy Town Hall 13. This hero is considerably superior to Grand Warden since it solely targets defences. Because of its potential to damage fortifications beyond walls, many have compared it to the archer queen.

The second new building introduced at town hall 13 is scattershot. It is a new defensive that does splash damage to opposing units.

Town Hall 12

After a time, SuperCell launched the clash of clans town hall 12, which piqued the interest of many enthusiasts.

Town hall 12 is a defensive structure that can hold its own against adversaries which is a necessity for why you need to buy Town hall 12. This town hall is painted blue. This town hall is also equipped with a Giga Tesla, which can quickly kill foes.

The total number of walls climbs to 300. At this level, you can also improve your lab and other resources. You may train your siege machines, spring trap, gigantic bomb, air bomb, and searching air mine in town hall twelve. These are all highly important structures, so don’t overlook them in this town hall.

Only 3 to 4 structures at level 12 town hall will be renovated to 2 floors. You have strong equipment in this town hall, and you can easily boost the amount of assaults. Increase your attacks to gain more stars. It can also collect extra trophies.

You may hasten the process of improving certain elements of the clan by spending gold and elixirs.

Maximum resource building upgrades in clash of clans town hall 12:

There are 7 elixir collection structures and 7 gold mine buildings that you may upgrade to level 15 in clash of clans account to buy town hall 12. You can also bring up to four elixir storage structures and four gold storage facilities to level 13. Three dark elixir drill structures and one dark elixir storage building can be improved to level 9, and one dark elixir storage building may be upgraded to level 7.

All army structures in Townhall 12 may also be improved to a certain level. Because defensive capabilities were given specific attention in town hall 12, we will go through the improvement of defence structures briefly.

Upgrade level of defensive structures in town hall 12:

Level 8 town hall has 7 cannon structures and 8 archer tower buildings that may be upgraded to level 17. In addition, four air defense and concealed Tesla structures can be upgraded to level ten. Four mortar constructions may be upgraded to level 12 and four magic towers to level 11. Two air sweeper structures and two bomb towers can be upgraded to level 7. Three inferno towers can also reach level six.

The Eagle Artillery Building and the Giga Tesla Town Hall may both be elevated to level 3.

Heroes in town hall 12:

There are three heroes in town hall level 8 Clash of Clans: Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Grand Warden. This town hall’s queen and king may be raised to a maximum of 65. You can also level up the Grand Warden, the third champion.

To buy Town Hall 12

It is recommended to consider upgrading after you buy Town Hall 12 as soon as you enter Town Hall. There are several grounds for this idea, including the fact that the weapon itself is quite weak, and there is no storage.

As a result, we must enhance this structure four more times to realize its full potential as the trademark defense at Town Hall Twelve. Unlocking the enormous Giga Tesla, as well as that massive gigabyte, just adds another dimension of destruction to Town Hall 12.

When you engage in a tribal conflict, you must have a strong defense. Your defense style influences how your opponent’s players to attack. You may also improve the environment for clan heroes by renovating your town hall stage.

The time necessary to optimize clash of clans town hall 12: As with previous town halls, time is of the essence. It’s time to buy town hall 12 clash of clans depending on how much you play and how many builders you have.

In other words, it is dependent on your resources. This period can run up to a year and seven months and no less than six months. The more builders you have, the shorter this time will get to be.

Resources required to achieve the highest level in Town Hall 12

Many people wonder how much gold, elixirs, and so on will be required in Town Hall 12 at the highest level. To upgrade the buildings in this town hall, you’ll need 699 million gold. This amount will be required to enhance your defence resources. 572 million elixirs will also be required to outfit laboratories, army structures, and the Grand Warden. You will also require around 6 million black elixirs for the barbarian king and archer queen k.

Many of this essential cash and elixirs may be obtained by fighting and raiding other clans. In addition to these quantities, you must loot a considerable sum of money and elixirs to level 14 the walls.

Getting the maximum in the previous town hall

To proceed to town hall level 12 clash of clans, it is preferable to obtain the maximum possible in town hall 11. Of course, there is no requirement to do so. You should visit Town Hall 12 as soon as possible out of interest. In this situation, gain the maximum warden and then enter Tone Hall 12.

Town Hall 11

For a long time, to play and buy town hall 11 clash of clans was the highest level in the game. When you approach Town Hall level 11, you will notice that the building has been totally refurbished.

The Town Hall’s stone walls are strengthened with wooden gates fastened to huge chains. There are four new canon structures on this level: a wizard tower, an archer tower, a crossbow, two new guard altar buildings, and an eagle cannon.

You may level up numerous elixir and money sources until level 12. The entrance to level 9 of the Wizard Tower is the most interesting aspect of this town hall.

You will learn more about possible enhancements in this purchase coc account in the sections that follow.

Describe Town Hall 14 to 7

Defeating opponents with a larger town hall

You are aware that the proprietors of town halls higher than 11 have more sophisticated soldiers and equipment. If one of these better-equipped clans assaults you, you should strive to minimise the damage to your clan by selecting an appropriate defence map. In addition to clan level, the opponent’s strategy in the conflict might be significant. So, don’t be scared of your opponent. Having a larger town hall is insufficient to win the battle.

A hybrid base design idea before you buy town hall 11

In addition, you should place all expos on the ground target, which will help you keep Queen Walk in any attack strategy since Ground Target Expo has a longer defence coverage and will not be distracted by air forces. All air defences and the inner compartment must be distributed such that these air defences can offer air coverage throughout the base. Furthermore, it is preferable to deploy all of these air defences far away from the air sweeper so that the opponent cannot harm both the air defence and the air sweeper at the same time with the Lightning spell.

To secure these two vital materials, we recommend situating the Tesla farm near Town Hall 11 and dark elixir storage.

You may deploy all of the magic towers and bomb towers alongside the gigantic towers to make a splash. This approach is used to keep Minors, Hog Riders, and Bowlers away from the base.

You may position all of the air traps in front of the main defenders to destroy part of the opponent’s air soldiers before they deal with the main defences, making it easier to eliminate other surviving troops as well.

It is preferable to space storage buildings apart so that the opponent cannot destroy them all in a single strike.

Maximum building level in clash of clans town hall 11

In clash of clans town hall 11, one of the game’s most crucial stages, you will face new buildings, troops, and other components. Many aspects can be upgraded at this level. You may level up the elixir collector and gold mine to 14. Barracks may be upgraded to level 13, while gold and elixir storage can be upgraded to level 12. You may also level up the laboratory and army camp building to level 9, as well as the dark elixir collector and dark barracks to level 8, the clan castle to level 7, the dark elixir store to level 6, and the dark spell factory to level 5.

Defenses, traps, Elixir soldiers, dark elixir troops, elixir spells, dark elixir spells, and heroes may all be improved to particular degrees in the clash of clans town hall.

Time necessary to complete it after you buy Town Hall 11

The time required to complete town hall level 11 clash of clans can range between 8 months and a year. It all relies on your work and passion for this game. If you play a lot and have at least four builders, you might be able to finish it in less than eight months. If you play the game for a few hours and have a few builders, this time may be more than a year.

Town Hall 10

The change in color of the town hall is one of the most visible modifications in clash of clans when you get to buy town hall 10. Town Hall is seen from this level in wintry and dreary tones. Fiery lava swirls beneath the towers, threatening to erupt. At this level, the number of buildings grows once again, and you now possess 113. The clan also gains two Hell Towers. Each building type, including resource and army structures, must be improved to a particular degree.

In the resource buildings group of town hall level 10 clash of clans, you have 7 elixir collecting structures and 7 gold mine buildings that you must raise to level 13.

The gold and elixir storages in townhall10 are similar to those in earlier town halls, and you do not need to bother about improving them. Maintain the same level 11. The black elixir storage is in a similar state, and it is sufficient to keep it at level 6. Another thing you may do at this town hall is level up your three dark elixir drills for Gamestores.

In the case of army structures at town hall level 10, you can upgrade four barracks to level 12 and four army camps to level 8. Additionally, spell factory and dark spell factory structures can be upgraded to level 5.

Level 6 clan castle and dark barracks, and level 8 laboratory structures

The number of walls in clash of clans town hall 10 has risen to 275. Furthermore, all defence structures may be improved.

Time necessary in town hall 10 to optimize game elements

Many gamers wonder how long they can keep getting the maximum components in Town Hall 10 after playing. The answer to this question is determined by the amount of time and energy spent playing. The more active you are, the faster you will progress through this stage. This stage, on average, takes roughly 8 months to complete.

Of course, you may speed up the process by paying money or using gold and gem resources.

Clash of clans town hall maps 10

Using maps with the proper layout might be crucial to your success. It takes a long time to create a decent map. Another option is to obtain these maps from reliable websites. There are several farming, battle, and prize maps in Town Hall 10. You can purchase the appropriate equipment based on your overall game objectives.

If you want to buy Town hall 11 and acquire more cups in Town Hall 10 but don’t care about preserving resources, you should use trophy group maps. Use war maps to participate in a fight and avoid harm.

Use farming group maps if your purpose in the game is to maintain and enhance resources.

The position of the queen archer and the king in the battle of clans 10th town hall

There are two heroes in Town Hall 10: Queen Archer and the Barbarian King. At this time, the barbarian monarch wields a more powerful iron fist. In this town hall, you may level up these two heroes to 40.

Priorities for Improvement in Town Hall 10

Town Hall 10 has had several improvements. You might be wondering where to begin. To enhance the game aspects in Town Hall 10, we examined the following three priority groups:

First and foremost: First and foremost, we recommend that you upgrade the following: It is preferable to generate fresh infernos to cope with dragon spam. Improve your defences by developing a new bomb tower and xbow. Bring dark barracks up to level 7. As you continue to improve the Archer Queen, aim to raise the barracks to 12 in order to release the miners. If you wish to farm, you will need four level 12 barracks. The bat spell, which is not easy to use, is one of the excellent possibilities for battle. To utilise it, you must first level up the dark spell factory to level 5.

Third priority: Now that you have a lot of black elixirs, you should enhance the barbarian king. Also, strive to improve your barracks one by one to the highest level. Also, attempt to fill as many gold mines and elixirs as possible. Buy Town Hall 9 is one of the most crucial levels in the game Clash of Clans. At this point, each structure and force can be improved to a specific level. Queen Archer is prominent in the clash of clans town hall 9. In the list of available buildings, the second hero unit and his altar appear. After you buy town hall 8, gold and elixir storage may now be adjusted to four instead of three. In terms of defense, the following changes are taking place.

Two Crossbow defensive towers open at the same time in clash of clans town hall 9, increasing the number of hidden Tesla to four, one more than in the eighth level. The number of air search mines has risen from two to four. One piece has doubled the size of giant bombs and wizard towers.

Color changes may be one of the aspects you will see that have changed when you buy in Town Hall 9. The tint turns to grey and dark blue, and you receive ten additional structures. Archer Queen is now accessible, and Dark Barracks may be upgraded to the maximum level, the sixth level, which unlocks all troops in the game (Witches and Hellhounds).

Choosing the best town hall level 9 clash of clans base

After you reach and buy town hall 9, it is critical to have established a solid defence basis. Level 9 town hall has added new defences such as the X-Bow, increasing the amount of defenders in the base and enabling a new wall level. This town hall’s walls are substantially stronger than the previous town hall’s. The walls are more than twice as thick as those of Town Hall 8. The number of walls grows by 25 and reaches 250 units. It’s an excellent opportunity to rebuild your foundation and create the greatest base arrangement possible. At this stage, you can select between different defence bases, agriculture, tribal fighting, or a mix of these.

The sort of base you choose might be influenced by your game’s aim. If you want to acquire a lot of trophies, you need to pick a good defensive base (defence mode) to safeguard your town hall at all times.

Any fresh player will struggle to obtain three stars in Town Hall 9. However, with the correct strategy, such as Wizard & Golem or Archer Queen & Healers, you may gain three stars in this town. Choose a solid offensive lineup from trustworthy Town Hall sources to demolish your opponent.

You should be able to defend your clan well against three-star attacks after reaching the battle of clans in Gamestores town hall 9. Anti-three-star bases with a town hall outside are a nice place to start.

Maximum Building Levels for Town Halls 9

Buildings, defenses, traps, spells, heroes, and other goods may be upgraded and you might see some changes after you buy Town Hall 9. At this point, a wide range of structures are available. In townhall9, you may level up your clan castle, elixir collection, and other structures. In a nutshell, you may raise the clan fortress to level 5. The maximum level for elixir collectors and gold miners is 12. Level 11 resources include elixir, money, and barracks. Level 7 laboratories and army camps are available, as are level 6 dark barracks, dark elixir drills, and dark elixir storage.

Additionally, the spell factory and dark spell factory buildings can be upgraded to level 4.

It’s time to attain the highest level after you buy Town Hall 9

After around 5 or 6 months of consistent play, you can attain the highest level in Clash of Clans account town hall 9. You should play for at least 5 hours every day during this period. You will be allowed to access and buy Town Hall 10 after this step.

Archer, Max Town Hall 9 Queen Update

In Town Hall 9, you can raise this Hunting Queen, who targets all foes on the land, to level 30. With 20,000 dark elixirs, you initially unlock him in level 9 king If it reaches level 10 in town hall 8, it will enter town hall 9 and can progress to level 30.

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Town hall 9 should be maximised. 10: To go to town hall

Before upgrading to Coc Town Hall 10, it is preferable to maximise all buildings, troops, walls, and heroes. If you need to move on to the next stage quickly, wait for everything but the heroes to be maxed. If you get to buy town hall 10 without having utilised several forces and game settings, you will not be able to obtain excellent ranks. We recommend that you utilise all things and buy Town Hall 9 before moving on to the next town hall. You can achieve greater success in your game when in this state.

The guide to Buy Town Hall 8

Town hall 8, like previous even-numbered town halls, is primarily defense-focused, with little opportunity for the offensive. The worst part about TH8 is that TH9 is offense-centric, allowing TH9s to easily defeat even the greatest TH8.

This is why you should not waste time creating defences since everyone will still destroy you even if you have the best protection. The strange thing is that after you reach TH9, you can make two x-bows that are more powerful than half of all TH8 defence improvements combined.

TH9 also unlocks a tonne of additional content, making TH8 an awful place to be. This is why we’re skipping practically all of TH8 in order to accelerate crucial enhancements that will matter in the long term. As a result, TH8 will last roughly as long as TH7.

Priority improvements include:

  1. You want Lab lvl6 to upgrade Barch lvl5, which gains a tonne of stats.

When the lab is finished, upgrade archers to level 5 and then barbs to level 5.

  1. Clan castle level 4 Why not add 5 more troops?
  2. Build all 50 walls, new storage to lvl1-2, a new archer tower, spring traps, air bombs, huge bombs, seeking air mines, and skeleton traps with your third builder. First, construct anything that is almost free, and then utilize this function Object() { [native code] } to work on more defenses.
  3. Build your new mortar, wizard tower, tesla (9 hours total), and lastly your new bomb tower using the same function Object() { [native code] } as before. If you have at least four builders, start the bomb tower with the fourth since it takes the longest.
  4. Upgrade your BK whenever you can afford it, no matter what. Bring him to lvl 5 if you can, but don’t worry if you can’t.
  5. If you already have lvl5 BK and need the extra capacity for BK upgrades, consider upgrading your dark elixir storage.
  6. Level 1 Dark Spell Factory Building will let you utilise the poison spell, which is quite valuable. This, along with your two heals and one fury, may be brought into any raid.
  7. Level 3 of the Dark Elixir Drill. Simply construct and update your new DE drill to generate additional money.
  8. Upgrade your walls as you earn gold; there aren’t many gold upgrades left. Walls at this town hall cost 65.8 million, which likely surpasses your elixir cost; nevertheless, if your walls are not maxed out, don’t worry. Don’t let this stop you from upgrading to TH9.
  9. Dark barracks from level 2 to level 1. For TH9 12, you desperately need the 80k cap. If you have more than four builders, you should renovate your town hall right away.

Second priority improvements:

  1. Depending on how quickly you farm DE, you may want to stop improving BK now. Attempt to farm at least 62.5k DE or perhaps 80k for TH9. Archer queen costs 40k Plus 22.5k for levels 1 and 2, so bring as much DE as you can.
  2. Maximum gold and elixir storage The 6mil limit is required for several early improvements in TH9. Use two builders, one for each gold and elixir store, until both are full. It will take roughly two days to complete them all.
  3. If you have three builders, renovate your town hall right away.
  4. Dark spell factory level 2 Just unleash the earthquake spell; it’s useless right now.
  5. 1st through 4th level dark barracks Just in case, you’ll need one high level dark barracks. Leave the second dark barracks on level one.
  6. As high as possible in Barracks #1. Similarly, even at level 1, strive to unlock as many troops as possible. Certain events necessitate the presence of certain soldiers, and possessing them allows you to fulfil these events. You can depart from the other barracks at levels 2-4.
  7. upgrade your gold mines and elixir collectors using any more buildings. They should be upgraded equitably (all to lvl6 before lvl7 etc). If you had to pick, I’d go with elixir collectors first.

I was considerably ahead in TH8 since I made the mistake of staying too long in TH8. I wanted to achieve a level 10 BK, which cost me 1-2 weeks of archer queen (AQ) growth. I’d rather have level 5 BK with level 5-10 AQ than level 10 BK and no AQ. The upgrading of the town hall used to take seven days. It is now only four days, which is much better.

Farming: remain in Barch and search for dead bases. You should strive to collect 1-2k DE every raid so that you may get the 62.5k required for TH9.

Duration: 6-14 days is more than enough time to complete all of the key tasks in TH8.

If you’re halfway through TH8 and wondering whether you should upgrade to TH9, just read my check list. Upgrade to TH9 if you meet all of the basic criteria.

Meta: if you’re a freshman at town hall, you need to read this article for there are tactics and methods gathered here, not to be found anywhere else.

Buy Town Hall 7

The seventh level is the first time you may get black elixir, the fuel for your heroes. Yes, you also have access to your first hero, the Barbarian king, the weakest of the three. Nonetheless, being a fresh TH7, you will find him quite powerful after acquiring him. If you’ve played the game before, you may skip ahead to TH8. This method is for new players/rushers who wish to spend some time improving a few items before upgrading the town hall.

Priority improvements include:

  1. Army camp #4 has been upgraded to level 2. Within the first hour of TH7, this quickly improves your army’s strength by 30-40%. If you have 4-5 builders, utilise the same builder to immediately upgrade it to level 5, otherwise keep it at level 2 for now.
  2. Level 2 to Barracks #4 This will expand soldier training time to accommodate the larger army camp size. Keep it at level 2 for the time being so that you can train barbarians and archers (barch).
  3. Create 50 new walls, two new cannons, an archer tower, two new small bombs, a large bomb, and a searching air mine. Build everything in less than a minute.
  4. Whenever you have extra gold, invest it all in walls. There are practically no gold upgrades available here. To max out walls, you’ll need roughly 22 million gold. Because everything else costs more than 22 mil elixir, you should be able to quickly max out walls.
  5. Lab. You must update your lab as soon as possible so that you can enhance your barbarians and archers. This will take 12 hours to complete. Before upgrading barbarians to level 4, upgrade archers to level 4. o Archer 4 > Barb 4 > Wallbreaker 3 > Wallbreaker 4
  6. Elixir storage in the dark. You must construct this before earning enough dark elixir (DE) to construct your new barbarian king.
  7. Barbarian ruler. Build your barbarian king as soon as you get 10k DE so you can start utilising him and upgrade to TH8. After that, anytime you acquire enough DE, instead of upgrading anything else, upgrade barbarian king.
  8. Level 1 Dark Elixir Drill Some type of passive revenue is desirable, so construct at least a level 1 DE drill.
  9. Army camp number four to level five, then all four army camps to level six. Upgrading your weakest army camp would allow you to rapidly deploy 180 men into war. After that, utilize one builder to spend two days maxing out all four army camps.
  10. Unlocking the wrath spell at Spell Factory Level 3 is beneficial. Once you have this, you can bring two healers and one rager into raids. Try not to use them frequently because they reduce your earnings.
  11. DE storage level 2 You want to use this to advance your BK beyond level 2.

Second priority improvements

  1. New fortifications include a new mortar, air defence, and 2x teslas. Build them because they considerably boost your defence power even at level 1. They don’t need to be upgraded just yet.
  2. DE drill up to level 3. This increases your passive DE revenue, allowing you to quickly upgrade additional BK levels.
  3. Lvl2 dark barracks You’re not going to train any dark soldiers any time soon, especially because you want all of your DE to become barbarian kings. However, this structure will be beneficial at some point. Build and level it up to lvl2.
  4. By this point, you should have completed all offensive structures, have at least lvl1 BK, maxed your DE storage, and drilled. Barbarians and archers should be at level 4 or above. You may now improve your town hall. Before you may upgrade, you may need to improve your gold storage to level 10/10.

Third priority improvements: (improve these while you wait for the town hall)

  1. Once again, anytime you have enough DE to improve BK, do so.
  2. Increase the size of your walls anytime you have more gold.
  3. Level 11 gold and elixir storage You need the extra storage space for TH8 later on.
  4. Increase the height of one barracks as much as feasible. It should be about lvl7-9 depending on your builder count and how much you previously upgraded it.
  5. Leave the remaining three barracks at lvl2-4. While you are waiting for the town hall, update your gold mines and elixir pumps equitably. Upgrade everyone to the same level
  6. It makes no difference if all of your defenses are level one because they are weak and ineffective even when strengthened. DO NOT improve your defenses.

Farming: It’s time to make the transition from pure barbarians to barch (barbarian + archers). Fill your camps with around 40-50% barbarians and the rest with archers.

Look for dead bases with exposed collectors, same as in previous town halls. You should aim for at least 200-300k every raid. Drop a swarm of barbarians on the collectors, followed by a swarm of archers. Do it on both sides with collectors, and you should have no trouble getting the loot.

For DE, attempt to find bases with DE storage towards the border of the base. Aim for at least 600 DE every raid and increase that as your offensive develops.

Simply search “4-finger method” on YouTube to learn how to use Barch to maximise treasure and destruction. When farming, don’t worry about collecting 2-3 stars; as long as you acquire the treasure, it’s a success.

Duration: 4-10 days should be plenty to complete everything here. If you’re halfway through your TH7 adventure and reading this article, please make sure:

  • DE drill and dark elixir storage (lvl2) (lvl3)
  • The lab is full (lvl5)
  • All army camps are full (lvl 6)
  • The spell factory is full (lvl3)
  • Dark barracks is lvl2 • Barbarian king is lvl1 • Clan castle is lvl3 (20 space) • Barbarians and Archers are lvl4

After you’ve completed all of these tasks, proceed to TH8.

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