Graphics of Call of Duty Mobile better than Pubg Mobile

Graphics of Call of Duty Mobile better than Pubg Mobile

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It has always been possible to play Call of Duty on a mobile device, but only with a single player. COD is creating a new technology to handle multiplayer on both mobile devices and gaming consoles, though. Due to the combination of certain distinctive gaming elements for players, COD from Activision has grown to be fairly popular. In spite of this, we continue to contrast it with PUBG mobile.

The video game Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG) has been available for a time. A superb bundle is created by the PUBG mobile’s amazing visuals and game realism. These mobile games are becoming more and more competitive, which has prompted comparison between the two. Note that you can Buy Game Account and earn money from it, for example, you can Buy Pubg Mobile Account and then sell it at a higher price.

So let’s look at the examination of the features, commonalities, call of duty mobile graphics and key distinctions between this game and pubg mobile graphics that GameStores provided for you.

Call of Duty: Mobile – what is it?

Activision released Call of Duty: Mobile, a new game version, on March 18th, 2018. But the game made its launch on October 1st, 2019.

Within three days of its debut, the game attracted players’ attention and received over 35 million downloads also lots of people wanted to Buy Call of Duty Mobile Account. The number of user downloads increased to over 100 million by the end of the first week.

This game’s popularity did not decline; by May 2021, it had surpassed 500 million downloads. This resulted in a profit of almost $1 billion.

Why is this game so distinctive? First off, COD, originally known as Elite Squad, is a first-person shooter video game for mobile devices. The major draw of the game is how many different play choices you can access without paying a lot of money.

The game still maintains the qualities of its predecessors, but it also includes new elements that set it apart. There are two game types available for the mobile app: multiplayer and battle royal.

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Several players

There are several sub-modes available to players in this mode of play. They are Kill Confirmed, Domination, Frontline, Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Gunfight, and Search & Destroy.

In addition to these main modes, there are also specialized ones like Prop Hunt and Halloween Sniper alone. No matter the option you choose, you will be able to earn incentives and rewards while playing.

With each new game season, these featured modes appear and disappear, bringing with them unique characteristics. One of these characteristics, which also depends on the sort of game you play, is the maps.

You will have access to unique tools during your game called “Scorestreaks.” These weapons are only accessible at particular times throughout gameplay, just like the maps.

Fighting Royale

Diverse game modes are available in Battle Royale. In other words, a player has the option to play in the first or third person, alone, with a partner, or as part of a group. Isolated and Alcatraz are two of the game’s maps, which will let you navigate the environment.

You start out in this game with nothing and acquire weapons to be the last person standing. The play area shrinks and forces participants into a smaller space as the game goes on.

There are specialized game modes with distinct gameplay elements, such as the multiplayer mode, although they also appear sometimes.

A zombie survival mode where players must survive the wandering dead was added by the provider in November 2019. Due to the model’s subpar quality, it was removed in 2020.

Unknown Player Battlefield (PUBG)

A video game called Player Unknown Battle Ground made its debut in March 2017. Because of its popularity, its creators decided not to keep it on the PC and instead released a mobile version.

As a result, PUBG mobile made its debut in March 2018 and quickly rose to the top of the list of downloaded mobile games.

The game’s monthly upgrades, which provide new features for users, keep it intriguing. There is an “all vs all” game mode called Battle Royale in PUBG. This game mode is comparable to The Hunger Games in that it begins without any fighting gear.

However, as they go through the game, players may gain tools and supplies to use in combat. The game starts with a specific number of players on an Island, like with all Battle Royale variations.

Up until one guy is left remaining, these players continue to play and engage in combat. Screen controls are used, yet the gaming experience is similar to that of consoles like the Xbox. You can alter these layouts as a player to suit your tastes.

Mobile driving controls are also modifiable since they come with a variety of settings. The game has expansive and fine-grained visualizations of its surroundings.

PUBG: Mobile and COD: Mobile share similarities


The fact that both games belong to the same genre is what first draws comparisons between them. Both games have shooting and survival elements.


They play very differently, yet they also have certain gameplay elements in common. Players must first descend from an aircraft and be ready to engage in combat. After that, in Battle Royale modes, players must also collect weapons. In both game styles, you must also try to be the last player standing.

Maps and Weapons

Regardless of whether you like COD or PUBG, a weapon system will be included. Players in both games have access to a variety of weaponry for combat in various game types. Both games have a weapon system and maps that provide a comprehensive picture of the surroundings.


Both PUBG: Mobile and COD Mobile have rating systems. As they win more games with this, players receive awards and move up the rankings.

Graphics of Call of Duty Mobile better than Pubg Mobile

Differences between PUBG mobile and Call of Duty mobile


One of the most obvious distinctions between the two games is how they are played. Both games, which include both first-person and third-person viewpoints, are shooting games. The playing styles are, however, typically distinct.

In COD, you can alter your loadout before starting the game, however, PUBG does not have this option.

Whereas playing, the layouts and movement patterns appear to be similar, yet COD gives two ways to shoot while PUBG only offers one. As a result, a player in COD has more alternatives for fire than in PUBG.

The physics of the bullet and the damage it does are also very different. No bullets fall at any distance in PUBG. Therefore, you may be using a weak pistol and unintentionally hit a rival who is located far away.  In COD, this is not the case.

Long-range shooting is not available in all game types, however, it is available in Battle Royale games.

Additionally, COD: Mobile’s destructible settings set it apart from other games. While playing, there are fences to topple and windows to break


COD: Mobile makes use of the Unity engine, whilst PUBG Mobile is powered by the Unreal Engine. These engines may not appear crucial, yet they are what give both games their distinct visual style.

Unreal specializes in photorealistic graphics, but Unity games require much more work to seem polished. You’ll probably notice that these two games differ from one another right away. Design-wise, they differ greatly from one another.

In COD, everything feels a touch congested, however in PUBG Mobile, everything seems to have more breathing room.

Compared to PUBG, COD has less detailed elements, such as the kind of ammo on the ground. It doesn’t imply that COD’s visuals are bad just because they aren’t as excellent as PUBG’s.


The addition of several multiplayer levels including Crash, Hikkack, Killhouse, and Nuketown is another benefit of COD. However, there are only four maps available in PUBG, and they are all expansive. In some fast-paced games, most players favor small-scale maps since they can see more of their immediate surroundings.


The functionality of upgrades is a key difference between the two games. As you prepare for combat, COD’s upgrades get simpler. COD: Mobile offers a variety of character designs and accessories, but not when it comes to clothing and physical characteristics.

But in PUBG, you may dress up like a clown in some of the clothes.


Unlike PUBG, COD lets you enter the combat royale with a knife and other abilities. Although it may appear insignificant, this distinction makes a big impact in both games.


Two games that completely revolutionized the gaming industry with their features were Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG: Mobile. These games are still full of surprises for their players, which will only increase their level of competition.

Which mobile game has superior visuals, PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile?

Since its introduction, COD Mobile has amassed more than 250 million downloads globally, and it appears that Tencent has created its own PUBG Mobile counterpart for the esports market. Battle Royale is fundamentally the same for both of them. In each of these games, the match’s maps, modes, length, intensity, and action are all adjustable.

Every player is compelled to play the game that appears to be the finest. In the esports world, and particularly in the BR community, graphics are crucial for a player. Here, we’ll compare the visuals in COD Mobile vs PUBG Mobile and determine which has the superior graphics.

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Which mobile game has superior in-game visuals, PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile?

As one can see, COD Mobile has somewhat better graphics and stands out as one of the top games with stunning mobile shooter images. However, this does not imply that PUBG Mobile’s graphics are poor or unplayable.

The surprising introduction of PUBG Mobile challenged gamers’ perceptions of what is possible on mobile devices, especially in the BR community. For the first time ever, it gave the players access to an open-world game environment. However, COD Mobile is the better option out of the two wildly popular games due to the abundance of detailed maps, brilliant colors, and amazing set pieces.

Both COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile cater for their gamers to a maximum frame rate of 60 FPS when it comes to the settings and frame rate.

PUBG Mobile was created to function in regions with a minimum availability of high-end handsets, while PUBG Mobile Lite was released subsequently to further reduce the required system requirements. In essence, not every Android or iOS phone on the market can run PUBG Mobile at its highest graphics level. The game eventually becomes choppy and sluggish, and the FPS rapidly drops from 60 to 30-45.

However, COD Mobile provides its players with a fluid and flawless gameplay experience after turning on the “Max” settings in the graphic quality and frame rate options, despite having a baseline specification need of 3GB RAM in a smartphone.

COD Mobile operates at a fluid 60FPS quality with zero latency. However, the Frame Rate dips to a maximum of 40–50 when the device heats up. Any device with 3GB of RAM will be able to run the game. But even better smartphones will have considerably greater specifications.

Despite the fact that the in-game graphics in both COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile are extremely good, COD Mobile’s colorful graphics and open-world map details with 60FPS low latency experience make it a superior alternative to select over PUBG Mobile in terms of graphical credibility.

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