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How to Play Clash of Clans on PC

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An Ultimate guide on how to play Clash of Clans on PC! Clash of Clans has made a totally feverish war between all the gamers around the world. Everywhere you can see people having their heads down on their smartphones or even their PC while playing this game. Since the first time Supercell introduced and launched this game, a common question has swirled around every new-Clasher’s thoughts: How to play Clash of Clans on PC? This article will deal with this question, and multiple guides will be revealed! So watch out for some useful tips to knock out your foes on PC!

Why is it suggested to play Clash of Clans on PC?

Let’s be honest! Nobody hates playing on a bigger screen with more detailed scenery and a better view. Especially when you have a high-quality system in your hands, there would be such a pity if you don’t make use of it or try play Clash of Clans on PC! Clash of Clans is the play of strategy, ideas, and deeply thoughtful battles or build-ups. It’s definitely obvious that none could resist playing on such a highly qualified screen with bigger views. But the question here is: How? Isn’t Clash of Clans only planned for phone users? Fortunately, there are many reasons which persuade you to play Clash of Clans on PC, and the higher resolution view is only a part of it. Clash of Clans is indeed among the best graphically-designed games of all time. There are so many scenes and places you would certainly enjoy looking at with a higher resolution screen. Otherwise, you’d miss a fortune! This adventurous game would be much fun if you try playing it on PC. Another reason for playing Clash of Clans on PC is that it will give you better management of the game. Doesn’t matter if you have a high-inched screen on your smartphone. Playing Clash of Clans on PC will give you a totally different chance to experience the beauty of this game. Also, everything in the game will feel more likely real. Supercell has done a marvelous effort in producing such a harmonious game. So it’s really a misfortune to lose playing Clash of Clans on PC.

There’s another reason to convince you to try playing Clash of Clans on PC, and that’s the speed. Try yourself and you won’t believe how effective it is to play Clash of Clans on PC. It would undoubtedly increase the speed of the game. You don’t need us to mention how higher-speed gaming would affect your Clash of Clans ranking. Be a professional! If you try once, you won’t ignore it twice! Let us not mention the fact that playing Clash of Clans on PC will help you deal with your enemies better. The more your view expands, the wiser you will look towards the things happening before you. You will be able to handle your village’s improvement procedure better. And these factors are not the only good things about giving playing Clash of Clans on PC a try! Let alone playing with a mouse has so many benefits, while the higher speed is just a tiny part of it, you can enjoy playing the game on both your smartphone and your PC. This will help you build up and grow your village and defenses faster. Not only can you speed up, but also you can use the map-in features with which the game will proceed much sooner. Based on the fact that Clash of Clans is the play of patience and needs a huge amount of free time, this is really helpful to have a PC app separately. Another benefit of playing Clash of Clans on PC: You can save your mobile battery life and Android space! Games like Clash of Clans occupy a large amount of your Android space due to their special graphics. Additionally, Clash of Clans is among addictive games that kill your battery eventually (only if you tend to play it continuously). If you play Clash of clans on PC, you will guarantee your cellphone’s life.

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Is there any exclusive PC app for Clash of Clans? 

Unfortunately, not! Clash of Clans is exclusively designed for Android and iOS devices. So there’s no dedicated PC app designed for Windows or even Mac. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have any ways to play it on PC, right? Keep on reading and we’ll provide you with some expert ways to install and play Clash of Clans on PC.

How to Play Clash of Clans on PC

How to play Clash of clans on PC? 

As we said earlier, Clash of Clans is not meant to be played on any PC devices. But there are several ways that will help you launch the app on PC. The best and easiest method to install Clash of Clans on PC, is to provide and download Android emulators. Hopefully these emulators are not only designed for Clash of clans, but you can enjoy playing any kind of Android games on them. But do not ever forget one of the most necessary factors of this method: You need to have a fast PC with a fair chipset to be able to install such Android emulators. If you’re asking: Is it the end of me if I don’t have any state-of-the-art PC? Definitely not! We have another solution for you in hand, too. So be patient and bear with us up to the end of this article. 

1st way : Try installing ‘BlueStacks‘ on your PC.

You can simply find BlueStacks anywhere on the internet. After the installation, you’ll find a wholly prepared Android space in which you can install any app you desire. The next step relies on you to tap on Google Play and log into your Google account. If you don’t have any or do not remember your Gmail or its password, you can simply ask Google to help you out. Next, search ‘Clash of Clans’ on the Google Play that is set on your PC, and download the game. Now you can please yourself by playing Clash of Clans on your PC device. Another way for you to install Clash of Clans on PC is to use the ‘Nox’ Android emulator on your PC device. Nox provides you with a similar Android space as your smartphone and gives you enough space to try playing Clash of Clans on your PC. The installation procedure is the same as Bluestacks. Both apps are among high-tech Android emulators. But we will also add another way as a backup, only if the first two ones seem not to be working for you! Download and run ‘LDPlayer’ on your PC. Then try the previous way to log into your Google Play account. After finishing the installation of the game, you are good to go!

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If you have an old PC, try this ! You can use a USB drive to connect your PC to an Android emulator. By using a USB stick, you will have a backup system that runs the android emulator smoothly. 

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