How to Sell Clash of Clans Account

How to Sell Clash of Clans Account?

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For various reasons, you may have decided to sell clash of clans account. For example, you are tired of playing, or you do not have enough time to play recently due to your busy schedule. You may even want to start a new game from zero point. Another reason could be earning money.

You know that this game, which was presented by Supercell Company in 2012, has now gained a lot of fans at the age of 12. The charm and excitement of this game is so great that it has attracted many people in different age categories. Therefore, there are many people who are willing to pay easily to buy an account for this game.

Anyone can start this game for free. After progressing in the game and upgrading the level of your village, you can sell it at a reasonable price. Here you have both enjoyed the game and been able to earn a decent and even high income without spending the initial capital.

Motivation to buy Clash of clans account

In this game, players can have their own village and rule it. These rulers must protect their village, resources and forces. They can attack other villages and loot them, thus expanding their territory. In order to bring the village to the desired level, they have to work hard and spend a lot of time in the game. Some people do not want to go this far and want to sit on the bed without all this effort. This group is the buyers of Clash of Clans accounts. These buyers spend some money on the pleasure of ruling a well-equipped village, which may be the result of several years of effort. These new and enthusiastic rulers will continue to play and may decide to Sell Clash of Clans Account after a while by GameStores.

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How can we sell clash of clans account?

The market for this game is hot these days. Many sellers and buyers trade in this market. In order not to lose in this market, it is better to first get enough information about buying and selling in this market, then log in. To Sell Clash of Clans Account, you can act directly or through an intermediate. In the direct method you will deal with the buyer personally. Of course you have to be careful. Your clash account is associated with your Google ID or Apple ID. You must give your username and password to the buyer. Do not share this information with the buyer until you have received your money.

If you and the buyer live in the same city, you can even meet him in person and Sell Clash of Clans Account after making sure he is a buyer. If you are communicating with your buyer in a virtual way, it is better to make sure that his identity is real before making a transaction. In the second method, sales through intermediaries, you can use the sites that buy and Sell Clash of Clans Account related to this game. There are many sites that do these deals. You need to carefully and cleverly choose a reputable site that you can trust to sell. You know that unfortunately scammers are lurking everywhere today. So always take your steps carefully and do not hurry to sell. If you enter a sales site that wants you to give them your username and password you should not trust this site.

How to Sell Clash of Clans Account

The price of your clash account

Various factors determine the value of your clash account. It is better before you set a price for your account first, check the prices of accounts in the market. Surely someone who wants to Buy Game Account checks market prices. The higher the level of your clash account, the higher its value. There are also sites where you can enter your account details and they will estimate the price based on your account details. Of course, you can set a higher or lower price for your account.

You know that at higher levels you have a better town hall building. Therefore, the level of your town hall can play an important role in the price of your account. Other factors such as hero king level, hero queen level, hero warden level, hero champion level, elixir number, gem number, Supercell ID status (either made or not made) and name change status can affect the account price. On some sites, you can provide a description of your Clash account. If this is possible, be sure to include a description, because your description can attract more customers. For example, you can write the following sentences in the description section :

“I have been creating this account since 2017. My heroes have excellent status.”

The role of account images in its sales

According to your profile image, good information about your account is obtained. Including about your forces and their level, about the status of heroes, the status of resources and so on. The layout of your first and second maps also determines the overall condition of your village. Therefore, viewing the images of the first map and the second map can be important for the buyer. If you want to Sell Clash of Clans Account through intermediary sites, you should usually upload these images. You may also be asked to upload other images such as the image of rename status, the related image to the number of league cups, item and benefits image and so on. Your account images can encourage customers to Buy Clash of Clans Account.


One of the other important things that Clash account buying and selling sites usually do, is Authentication of sellers and buyers. In this way, these sites want to prevent fraudsters from infiltrating transactions. Doing this step is useful for all customers (buyers or sellers) and can prevent their loss.

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The fee of advertise for sell a Clash account

Some sites allow you to Sell Clash of Clans Account for sale ad for free. But it is better not to trust any site just because it is free. Posting an ad to Sell Clash of Clans Account on an unreliable site can cause you to lose the account in a very short time. When choosing a site, it is better to pay attention to the symbols that indicate the validity of the site, the comments of the site users and the site rank. Reputable sites usually allow you to post ads after receiving a small fee. These sites will contact you after your account is sold. If you have completed your authentication steps correctly, the money received from the buyer will be credited to your account. Of course, you usually have to pay them a commission.

Another point is that it is usually possible to place regular or special ads on sales sites. Ordinary ads cost less and offer you fewer services. You will have to pay more to place an ad for Sell Clash of Clans Account in the special ads section. Featured ads usually have more visitors and increase your chances of finding a buyer for your account. Sellers who provide incomplete account information to the buyer after receiving their money from the buyer or attempt to hack the sold account can be prosecuted.

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