Upgrade Clan War Leagues Level

How to Upgrade Clan War Leagues Level Easily?

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Clan War Leagues is a Clan Wars league system. Clans can join up once a month to fight a week of conflicts with Clans of comparable skill levels. Clans must sign up for Clan War Leagues with at least 15 (maximum 50) members in order to participate. Enrolling more than 15 people gives you additional attackers to select from in each War. Clans with the most stars get promoted to higher levels at the end of War Week, while others remain or are degraded. Players gain resources and League Medals from their attacks, while Clan Leaders can grant additional League Medals. Be with Gamestores to gain useful information about upgrade clan war leagues level easily.


To establish a Group, Matchmaking Clans are randomly partnered with 7 other Clans in their League tier. Clans in a Group compete against one another, and the best performing Clans in each Group are promoted to a higher League. The first thing you’ll do is to check out the clash of clans clan for sale! Because a Clan’s competence is unknown to the matchmaker before they fight in the War Leagues to upgrade clan war leagues level, the first placement of Clans can be erroneous. It is possible to encounter both too simple and too difficult opponents initially, but with time, the skill levels of the paired Clans will become more equal and it will be easy to upgrade clan war leagues level.

Preparation day and battle day

Clans fight a war each day of War Week on Preparation Day and Battle Day. When a War enters Battle Day, Preparation Day for the following day’s War begins. Each Preparation Day gives Leaders the opportunity to finalize the line-up for the impending conflict. They choose the players that were chosen for the Clan War Leagues during the sign-up phase. On Battle Day, participants get one attack to acquire as many War Stars as possible. Attackers receive Elixir, Dark Elixir, and Gold for their attacks, much like in ordinary Clan Wars. If a Clan wins a War, it receives more War Stars, which will aid in its promotion from its League and it will helpful for upgrade clan war leagues level.

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Once all Clans in the Group have completed their War Week fights, Rewards League Medals are awarded.Individual players’ War Stars from attacks are converted into League Medals, and all Clan members who have joined up for Clan War Leagues receive additional League Medals from all Wars that the Clan wins. In addition, the Leader and Co-leaders award extra League Medals to a handful of the War League participants. The number of additional League Medals and the number of players that can get them are decided by the League in which the Clan competed during the War Week. Each victory during War Week adds one more player who is eligible for a bonus.Clan XP from attacks is granted in the same way as it does in regular Clan Wars. What are you waiting for? Buy coc clan now! However, treasure obtained from Clan Battle League attacks is increased to compensate for the fact that each war allows just one attack per participant.

Taking part in CWL to upgrade clan war leagues level

Clan War Leagues begin when the Clan Wars button glows golden, indicating the beginning of Clan War Leagues. The Clan Leader and Co-leaders have two days to form War Leagues with at least 15 (but no more than 50) participants. The chosen players comprise the pool of people that can be chosen to battle on Battle Days. Enrolling more than 15 people in Clan War Leagues is a fantastic idea if you want to have more players who can perform attacks in Wars during War Week. If the clan is at Master League or lower, the leader can choose to do 30v30 conflicts instead of 15v15 warfare. The war size cannot be modified mid-season, thus if the leader intends to undertake 30v30 fights, he or she should be well-prepared with a strong squad of players. you should know that if you participating in cwl with 30 memebers, it will help you to upgrade clan war leagues level faster than usual.

With the opt-in/opt-out option in their player profile, each Clan member can express their willingness to participate in Clan War Leagues. Clan Leaders, on the other hand, can enroll members in War Leagues even if they have opted out of conflicts. Clans that have joined up for Clan War Leagues are not permitted to participate in normal Clan Wars (or Friendly Wars). If a Clan does not sign up for War Leagues, normal Clan Wars will be accessible after the sign-up time is over. If a Clan member is on a Clan’s list of players, he or she can only play in Clan War Leagues in that Clan and not in any other Clan. He/she may, however, opt to participate in normal and friendly fights in other Clans that did not sign up for the leagues, but must depart for that Clan to do so. If a Clan member is not on the Clan’s roster, they can play in Clan War Leagues in another Clan that has not signed up.

Wars, Promotions, and Demotions

Each War Star earned throughout War Week contributes to a Clan’s War Star total, which determines whether the Clan is elevated or relegated at the end of War Week. If a Clan wins a Battle Day, they receive 10 extra War Stars, which aids in their promotion. Clans with the most stars at the end of a War Week are promoted to higher levels, while others remain or are degraded. Most Leagues elevate the two Clans with the most stars and demote the two Clans with the fewest stars.

These regulations differ depending on the League; for example, higher leagues (Master and above) will promote just one clan while demoting two. If Clans are tied to stars, the total destruction percentage is used to break the tie. Season statistics may be seen by pressing the Season details icon in the War Map. Images are featured on the right.

Upgrade Clan War Leagues Level

Clan War Leagues Rewards

Attacks on Battle Days, like ordinary Clan Wars, give Elixir, Dark Elixir, Gold, and Clan XP. Each fight you win earns you the chance to obtain a war victory bonus. At the end of each battle, the war won bonus is delivered to the Treasury. To receive the war win bonus, your clan must win that day’s Clan War and upgrade clan war leagues level. League Medals are given to everyone on the squad depending on their performance in the League and the number of stars they have earned. Scoring 8 stars will give the player the entire payout while scoring fewer will diminish the payment.

Clan Leaders can also provide Clan members extra League Medals. Each war won by the Clan raises the number of players eligible for Bonuses by one. The Bonuses must be awarded within 21 days following the completion of the Clan’s War Week. The value of a bonus and the number of persons who can get it are determined by the Clan’s League during War Week. An additional member can be rewarded bonus League Medals for each War that the Clan wins. The valuable League Medals may be spent in the Shop under the “League Shop” page.

What exactly are League Medals?

League Medals are valuable symbols obtained in Clan War Leagues. If your Clan Leader enrolls you in Clan War Leagues, you will have the opportunity to collect League Medals at the conclusion. League Medals are awarded mostly depending on the Clan’s standing in the League. More medals are granted if the Clan is in a higher league, and more medals are awarded if the Clan is ranked higher in its group. By merely being on the roster, players will receive a portion of the Medals. Earning War Stars increases the proportion of Medals you may receive; earning 8 or more stars allows you to get the entire award. if you win cwl and upgrade clan war leagues level, you will recieve more medals and rewards.

Clan War League members can also receive additional League Medals from Clan Leaders. The more military victories the Clan achieves, the more bonuses the Leader can bestow. League Medals may be spent on a variety of things in the Shop, ranging from Gold and Elixir to Magic Items (including Hammers, which can only be purchased with Medals) and special Decorations. Only 2,500 League Medals can be retained at any given time; any excess will be converted to Gems. At the completion of­­ the League, everyone on the roster will get League Medals. Bonus League Medals can be granted to everyone who is registered in the War Leagues, regardless of whether or not they attack, and even if they quit or are expelled out of the Clan.

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Can I participate in both Clan War Leagues and normal Clan Wars?

A Clan can only take part in one form of conflict at a time: Clan War Leagues, regular Clan Wars, or Friendly Wars. If a Clan is involved in Clan War Leagues, they cannot begin a conventional Clan War until the Clan War Leagues are completed. If a player switches Clans from Clan A to Clan B, he can only participate in Clan B’s Clan War Leagues if he has not been added to Clan A’s Clan War Leagues Roster. If a person joins Clan War Leagues in Clan A, he can still participate in Clan Wars and Friendly Wars in Clan B and help them upgrade clan war leagues level.

What happens if a player departs or gets expelled from a Clan during Clan War Leagues?

If the player was not registered in Clan War Leagues, he is free to join the Clan War Leagues of another Clan.

If the player was on the Clan War Leagues Roster of his previous Clan, he cannot participate in the Clan War Leagues of another Clan. He can, however, participate in the Clan Wars and Friendly Wars of another Clan. He is also eligible for the following benefits:

  • Once the Season is over, he will get League Medals depending on his and the former Clan’s performance and also upgrade clan war leagues level.
  • He is still eligible to be awarded for a Bonus Any resource awards obtained conducting Clan Wars in the new clan by a Leader or Co-Leader (from the previous Clan).

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