Secret Places in PUBG Mobile

Secret Places in PUBG Mobile Game

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These are the Secret Places in PUBG Mobile┬áthat GameStores found for you. There are several areas in PUBG Mobile that you may visit, and in these locations you can find various perks that can help you win the competition. We’re sure some of you come upon these areas at random or without a plan, which means you don’t know the name or position of the spot on the map. If you want to Buy Pubg Mobile Account or you have pubg mobile account for sale you can check some Telegram channels and for downloading pubg mobile or Buy Game Account check the relaible GameStores.

Consider this wouldn’t it be much more beneficial and efficient if you knew for certain these successful locations? So, to that end, we’ve compiled a list of Secret Places in PUBG Mobile that will undoubtedly help you.

Gatka Radio

When you parachute, try to land on top of the Gatka radio building. This building has a variety of weaponry, particularly on the second story, which can only be accessed from above. Of course, this radio facility is located in Gatka, and if you have landed elsewhere, you may get here by following the west road in Gatka and going through the hill.

Structures on Spawn Island

The buildings on Spawn Island, like the previous site, house a large amount of the equipment required to win this game. Because it is an island, you must board a boat and traverse the water to get here.

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Novorepnoye Radio

Just so you know, there is high-level loot equipment on the second floor of this novorepnoye radio, so don’t forget to clean that portion, folks. This structure is centered around the radio tower, which can be found between the Sosnovka military post and the city of Novorepnoye.

Bunkers – Shooting Range Bunkers

There are two bunkers to the east and west of the shooting range, each with a large amount of loot items, including level 3 armor and helmets. When visiting Severny, you can readily locate these bunkers.

Mylta Manufacturing Company

Mobile mylta factory is a Secret Places in PUBG Mobile. This mylta plant provides a lot of loot equipment in addition to being the safest area to land. This plant is quite large and has several storeys; it is located between Mylta Power and Mylta.

Los Leones Mining

Other players may be aware of this Secret Places in PUBG Mobile, therefore proceed with caution when entering the mine. However, it is comparable since you will encounter high-level treasure like as armor and helmets. If feasible, land immediately at the mining spot; otherwise, drive to this place.

Bangunan’s Old La Cobreria

This structure may be little, but it has a lot of treasure, and the amazing thing is that it contains high-level equipment like as Kar98k and Scope 8x. This historic structure is located north of Miramar, in the city of La Cobreria.

Impala Waters Islands

If the play zone has expired, you can utilize the lighthouse on the island in the southern portion of the waters as a shooting site. The islands in the north and center will also serve as loot zones for you.

Secret Places in PUBG Mobile

The highest skyscraper in Los Leones is being built!

Because this is the highest structure in Los Leones, it would be ideal for shooting or sniper fire. You can also locate treasure with a high level here if you elevate your head and look for the highest structure in Los Leones.

Farm Chumacera

This farm features a long home with plenty of goodies, and you may also utilize the car stationed there to get to the nearby town. To go to this Secret Places in PUBG Mobile, simply head to the southern portion of Chumacera.

The Historic District

This historic city has several structures, and inside these buildings you may discover varied treasure. Don’t forget to stop by the building with the bar in this old village; you’ll discover level 3 armor there. This historic district is situated between Water Treatment and Cruz Del Valle.


Be cautious if you decide to enter the shelter, since you may have difficulty getting out due to adversaries that will most likely be present. However, if you are courageous enough to enter Secret Places in PUBG Mobile, you will find a lot of high-level stuff.


Because this Secret Places in PUBG Mobile is in the far north of the Erangel map, it can only be reached by vehicles such as automobiles. There are structures with a lot of high-level treasure items there.

Miniature Power

Other than mylta power, this is a secured Secret Places in PUBG Mobile. Yes, you will discover a building at the summit of this little mountain that houses high-level armament; it’s not much, but it’s enough for you to play alone or in a team of two to three players.

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Military Installation

This building is incredibly large, therefore you won’t run across any adversaries here. Because the region is vast enough for treasure, you may casually pick up high-level weaponry here.

Unnamed Miramar as Secret Places in PUBG Mobile

This Secret Places in PUBG Mobile is in Miramar, as the name implies, and it does not have a name on the map or is unidentified. This site, too, has no marks on the map, but to find it, travel south outside of Los Leones and look for the entrance, which is a red cave opening.

These are the Secret Places in PUBG Mobile where you may win chicken supper. A few words of advice from us: don’t loot too much, just enough. After all, the goal of this game isn’t to see who can collect the most loot, is it? I’ll see you shortly! If you want to start this game, check GameStores to buy pubg account for sale.

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