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Transfer Clash Royale Account From Android to iOS

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The Head-Striking Challenge of Transfer Clash Royale Account From Android to iOS Devices! Yeah, we know what you worry about the most! Transfer Clash Royale account is quite challenging yet stressful. It is kind of risky when you want to shift all of your data into a new account or even a new device. That’s why we’re here! In this article, we have introduced some accommodating and helpful ways to show you how to transfer clash royale account risk-free and safe. 

Is It Even Possible to Transfer Your Clash Royale Account?

Yes! Fortunately, Clash Royale has included a very useful tool with which you can link other devices to your current device. To log into your new device, you just need to open your currently used Clash Royale app, go through settings, and find a section called “Link Device” in which you can add your new device. 

  • Make sure your new device is trusty and capable of holding your game’s data. You can link your new devices whether you’re an iOS user or an Android one.
  • Before delving into the transferring steps, we need to remind you to check your internet connection first. If you’re experiencing a stable and excellent connection, you’re good to go. But if there are some troubles in connection, your transference might give on to some problems or even end up unsuccessfully.
  • Another factor that needed to be reminded of is the fact that before trying to transfer clash royale account, you ought to scan your current Game Center or Google ID. If you have all the required information in hand and all of them are totally correct, you can keep up with the process of transfer Clash Royale account.

How to Transfer Clash Royale Account

Follow the Setting in your Clash Royale app, then find the “Link Device” option. After clicking on this section, you’ll find a choice named “This is the OLD DEVICE.” Click on this option, so you could be able to see two other upcoming options. The upcoming options are listed below: 

  1. The first one tells you “I want to link to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. This option will lead you toward logging into your account on an iOS-based device. If your future device is in the Android-based team, you’ll need to choose “Link to Another Device” to log into your other device. 
  2. Are you using an iOS device and wondering how to manage transfer Clash Royale account to a freshly-prepared Android system? We’ll suggest you choose the second option (which is none other than “I want to link to another device”.

What happens next? Clash Royale will present you with a newly-made 12-character and secure code. You need to enter this code inside your other device’s Clash Royale app. Otherwise, you won’t be able to log in successfully.

  • You will only have two minutes to enter the code in your new device, so pace up with this process. Never start this process when you don’t have access to your new device. 

It’s time to enter Clash Royale on your new device. Go directly towards the Setting, find the previously said “Link Device” again, and choose the “This is the NEW DEVICE” choice. After tapping on this section, a new bar appears in which you need to enter the code given by your old Clash Royale. Now you can have all the data and achievements of your game fully transfer clash royale account inside your new device. 

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Does it make any difference to play Clash Royale on iOS? 

Although many Android fans would oppose this assumption, there’s still a load of Clashers who think Apple’s gameplay is worth much more than its Android opponent. According to what most of these Clashers believe, the iPhone presents a higher quality while playing the game. According to these Clashers – and depending on your internet connection- the app runs much smoother on iPhone compared with Android. Also, there are still many people who think Apple’s more secure than the latter, while there are many new features added to Android that enhance its security.

Transfer Clash Royale Account

What Happens if I Reset My Clash Royale Account?

If you are ready to move into another account, you’d probably need to know this about your transfer Clash Royale account. This is what many Clashers ask about resetting their Clash Royale account. Unfortunately, many Clashers reset their accounts out of curiosity, or do it without knowing what will happen next. But does resetting your account really clear the stored data of your game? The answer is: Yes! Resetting your Clash Royale account means clearing all your data and restarting a fresh and new account. So don’t freak out if you encounter the Training Camps again!

How Many Times Can I Link a New Device to My Clash Royale? 

It’s sad to say that you can only link one device to your current Clash Royale. Because you can only use this feature once, you need to do it appropriately, and just at the time of need. Although if you connect your Clash Royale Account to your Google or Apple ID, you can choose any Android or iOS device you want to link your game to.

Why Do I Receive No Codes in My New Device? 

There are many reasons for not receiving any new code in your new Clash Royale installed on your new device. First of all, you need to make sure you’re using a stable and fast internet connection. If there’s no problem with the internet, you might have some problems with your Google or Apple ID. To solve this issue, you need to check the connected ID to your account. If you detected any problems with the authority of your Google/Apple ID, it’s better to sign in again via a correct ID. Then try again after signing in. This method mostly erases any kind of troubles on the path of linking new devices. 

How Can I Connect Clash Royale from Android to iOS Without the Old Device?

This is also a possibility that many gamers have been complaining about. What if my phone is suddenly broken? How can I get back on the track? Your Clash Royale account also has a feature called Supercell ID. This secure and cut-of-the-edge feature helps you to take back your account immediately. So if your current account is connected to a Supercell ID, there’s no need to worry, and you can transfer clash royale account from your old Android device to your new Apple one any time you want (and even vice versa!). But what if you don’t have any Supercell ID? Is it the end of your day? Certainly not! You can simply install Clash Royale on another Android app, get into your Google ID, and boom! Everything gets normal as ever!

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