How is the process of buying an account?

To buy an account , you can open our shop and then choose what you want to purchase and add it your cart. then you can go through checkout page and fillout the form for your billing. after complete the purchase , you will recieve and email that contain your payment confirmation. after 10 to 20 mins , our admin will contact you to deliver your account. the account information will also send to your email too.

Can I have full access of my account?

when you make purchase from our website, our admin will contact you in social media like whatsapp or telegram. if you want to take full access of your account that you purchased from us, you can ask them to do it for you. it is our pleasure to give our customeres full controll of the account they purchased from us.

What Information will I recieve?

The information that will send to our customeres are diffrent for any games. totally we will provide the most important information for login to the account for the first time and after that you can ask us for more information to give you.

When I recieve the account information?

The account information will send to your billing email address usually 10 to 20 mins right after you complete the payment.

What should we do if the account is not match with the offer data?

All our accounts are matched with the information that provided in our offer post. there is no worry about it and if this problem happen to you , please contact our admin to check you problem asap.

Is the any insurance about the accounts that we purchase from GameStores?

Definitly GameStores will give you lifetime Insurance for all accounts you purchase from our website. it means if your account lost or recovered , you can contact our admin to solve your problem in anytime.