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PUBG MOBILE : In March 2018, the popular multiplayer online battle royale game that swept the gaming world in 2017 made its way to mobile platforms. The game had over 10 million online gamers competing for glory inside the first few months. The game opens with 100 players, both friends and adversaries, parachuting onto Erangel Island for a winner-take-all confrontation. The players marked their landing zones over the 64-square-kilometer island. As soon as players set foot on the ground, the loot game begins, with each player scouring the map for the greatest weaponry.Every player fights alone as the area shrinks into a smaller play zone with time, loaded with high-class weaponry, vehicles, boats, and supplies. They can either fight or hide until only one player is left alive.

Unreal Engine 4 brings the excitement of the PC to mobile devices while maintaining high-quality graphics. For all players, the rich detail, realistic effects, and large map prove to be a slice of heaven. An assortment of lethal weapons, including firearms, melee weapons, throwables, and consumables, allows you to outclass your opponents. There’s no reason to be concerned if you’re a team player. Players that require assistance during play might form duo teams of two players or squads of four players. A fair environment is created, powered by anti-cheat systems, in which players must earn every inch of glory. Land, loot, fight, and then celebrate when the winners’ delicious Chicken Dinner is served.

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Secret Place in Pubg Mobile Game!

Hide on top of the PCs in Erangel

While you won’t usually find many usable weapons in this type of location, it’s still a good place to utilize as a hiding to attack your foes. It’s unlikely that the enemy will be able to spot you approaching if you launch an unexpected attack from this position. The location is on the southern tip of the island, near the Sosnovka Military Base. If the last hover is near this location, you have the option of using this fort to your advantage. When you come across a group of PCs, you can just climb on top of them to reach the edge. It’s highly unlikely that anyone would be able to find you there.

Hidden cave loaded up with uncommon things on Vikendi

This neighborhood is located on Podvosto’s north side. It’s a well-hidden secret cave with a fairly high ceiling. To get access, you must first separate the cave’s entryway/blockade, which resembles a stone. Many people think about this subject, therefore if you want to learn the free rules, speed is essential. Land on a nearby spot with brought forth vehicles, then slam anything you’ve obtained from that against the stone gateway, crushing it to bits.

Inside the caver, there are numerous red drop boxes. It’s a hidden stockpile full of high-level items, rare firearms, and attachments. All of the airdrop weapons can be found here. In any case, opponents may appear soon, and being trapped within a cave with only one way out isn’t something you should consider. As a result, it’s critical that you gather all of the necessary items and exit the cave as soon as possible. You can either construct a trap at the entranceway or simply move to another region on the map with your newly acquired weaponry.

Snipe Quickly on top of a tall tower in Erangel

The following secret place is located near the Novorepnaye site. You’ll see a large steel tower near the slope that you can move to gain the best view point for scouting the entire zone. Simply follow the supporting shaft and move as high as you can reasonably hope, provided that you’ve already found a decent expert rifleman rifle, and you’ll be able to effectively rule the territory and dispatch any approaching attackers.

The last place where people would try to find a flaw in it, though, is that if you mess up and tumble down from the tower, your character would suffer the consequences of an actual injury. Our experts in Gamestores will be with you to help you in order to do your best in Buy Game Account!

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